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Today is Friday the 18th of March 2016, and today is sports relief day and guess what we are going to die today (but not literally!) I walked through Samuel Ward Academy and in through C Block there I saw people dressed up! I paid my £1 because it goes to charity which is a good thing. I saw Samantha Tupas there so I went up to her and talked to her which may sound a bit surprising but I think me and Samantha are going to be best friends just like me Alyssa and Danica.

So I went to C2 which is my form room the door was already opened but no one got in I think it was because there were no teachers weren’t around (I’m pretty sure that my class isn’t sensible!) Miss Pudsly (who is going to be the B half new form teacher it’s like the fifth form teacher!) we went in and got our chairs and sat down (like it was boys VS girls I mean I am sure girls will win!)

Lauren said that Miss Crawley was late, I told her that she is always late (which was true and is a good thing because I am sometimes late and that means I get more time to get in I never got told off by being late, normally I’m always late which is not my fault because I walk with Angel!) But today we were early! when Miss Crawley came she took the register  then she said that we have Midback Homework on Sports Relief Day!

Ben Harris was late for some reason and he got told off by too! we walked to A Block because I had food tech and today we are making fruity muffins (I’m not adding fruits) I bought in chocolate chips which I bought on Wednesday! I paid my 50p and handed my Homework. I also had to move bays (spaces) because Louie was sitting in my space now Aliesha Neagle sites near Louie Bampton, William Cobden, Harry Gaer.

Now in my bay, there is Charlotte Drew (Don’t worry she didn’t drew anything) Elousia Plumpton and Olivia Hanagan. I made my fruity muffins (I won’t go into much detail because I don’t remember the exact number of things I need!) Olivia did the washing up, I dried the objects, Elousia put the objects in the correct places and Charlotte cleaned the bays! to our surprise, we finished early and it was our first time finishing early GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!

I took the muffins in my container and waited for everyone else to finish! I watched Lukes, Billys, Morgans and Ben Rs bay they were trying to get the muffins out of the tray, I took one of for them! the paper thing wasn’t thing so I don’t understand why they were screaming! We did our Evaluation in our books!

I put my bags at the end of the room right next to the boys (because there weren’t any space because all the girls put their stuff on top of the table. Everyone had already left Matt (AKA Mathew Beasant) took my bag and gave it to me (I was really surprised) I said thank you, then he said that would be 50p Only Joking (no need to tell me I can tell the difference!)

We all walked to C Block because we are going to run/walk for sports relief! Eloiusa got dressed because her mum said not to get the top dirty. We were doing our run in period 3 (which means I get to miss Maths, YES Don’t Tell Anyone But I Forgot To Do My Homework that’s the main reason!) I saw people changing their shoes and doing other things such as screaming their heads off!

Did I mention that there is going to be a zombie chasing after us even though zombies can’t run! we left our bags in our maths room (C3) we got outside it was freezing (why Lord it was a nice and bright day yesterday but now it is cold and freezing!) we got outside people were talking, shouting and doing all sorts of things!

BEEP! And off we ran pushing people and protecting themselves! I held Alyssa’s and Danica’s hand while running but let goes because they were going fast (it was a long way to run so whats the point of wasting your energy do I have a point!) I walked then ran then walked then ran! Someone behind me said run! when I turned around I saw the Zombie chasing after me it was so scary and weird at the same time!

I ran around C Block and past the Cafeteria! I beat Alyssa and Danica also Luke. we got in the classroom and played around the classroom (times table) I beat Oliver Aliesha and some others Elliot beat me! We had Geography and I was with Saffron, Chloe and Harry E. We ate our lunch and my muffin for a reward for running (if you know what I mean) I and Samantha walked around the school (near the Cabin) 2 times. then we went to the lockers and found some chips on the floor.

Luke said that it looked yummy so I said to him then eat it! He said no! We had PSHCE! It was so boring and I didn’t enjoy it one bit I always hate PSHCE! when our lesson was over we left and went to A Block for French with Miss Crawley we also had a test  on the listening I got a 4C.

I arrived at school to pick up my brother and Angels sister. I saw Danica, Adan and Zuzanna. me Danica and Adan played chase for a while! then we all went home!

My Family Enjoyed The Muffins And To Make It Some Time!





1) 25 facts about me

Hey, guys, many people have been found 25 facts about me so I thought I would do it too:

  1. I am a tomboy (because of the name you must have guessed!)
  2. I have an older sister and a younger brother
  3. I keep a 2016 diary and a memory diary too (even though I am a tomboy I still want to remember what happened to me)
  4. I am allergic to face paint!
  5. I have black hair even though I wished I had brown hair
  6. I don’t own any electronic (even though I have a Lenovo computer and an I phone 4)
  7. I don’t have any pets although I always wanted to have a brown/gold  coloured dog
  8. I have 2 best friends but they are in different class to me which sucks
  9. My primary school was called Westfield (my brother goes to that school too!)
  10. I don’t put any makeup on although I would like to learn how to put eye liner on!
  11. I can be a cry baby most of the time (don’t judge me!)
  12. I am born in Addenbrooks (in Cambridge)
  13. my blog admirer is Zoella Sugg!
  14. I named every teddy/toys when I was little and still remember them today!
  15. I sing when I am in the shower (song:..dancing in the mirror singing in the shower…)
  16. I am not popular and I don’t want to be but I want to be recognised by someone sometimes I feel like no one can see me!
  17. I am a girl with many thoughts and feelings that I want to say to someone but not sure how too (Danica and Alyssa if your reading this you should know what I mean!)
  18. when I am meant to sleep I can’t stop thinking about other things for example what’s going to happen the next day?….
  19. I have a response in everything someone says Example: a boy once said to me ‘Go piss off’ i said ‘Why don’t you go and piss off’ of course he was surprised when I said it (mee being all quiet…
  20. am not scared of anyone (apart from the sea, scared I might drown since I don’t know how to swim!)
  21. I am terrified of snakes
  22.  I haven’t been on an aeroplane since I was 5 or 6!!!
  23. I like reading listening too variety’s of songs and of course, being a tomboy!
  24. I love watching animated movies as long as it is not boring and that I understand the story
  25. the last fact this might take a while… I have never in my life been to Disney Land Paris!