11) We are all Lucky!

Hey! Today i’m writing a blog about how lucky we are but we just don’t realize it!

We all have amazing parents but we just don’t realize it! They give us gifts for us on our birthday and they are always there to support you and to help you have a better future! But they can be mean but that is only to help you with the outside world!

We must have fantastic trust worthy friends! They help you when you fall (or possibly laugh at you! But you still love them anyway!) They are always there when you need them and are a good listeners especially when it comes to secrets!

We must have at least one sibling! (If you don’t have  any siblings I am sorry!) I know how it feels to have a sibling because I have a 7 year old brother! Sometimes you hate them for being annoying or having all the attention! But there is a good thing with having a sibling e.g if you don’t want to ask your parents to buy you anything you just ask your sibling and they’ll sometimes do it for you!

Life! I know that some people hate their life! But the thing is people always look at the negative things in life when you’re supposed to look at the positive things e.g  your friends, Family, siblings and much much more! There are things in life you wish to change but it can’t because that’s how life is!

Don’t forget to smile!




10) My class (Year 7)

I know everyone will say that there class is the best and i’m not saying ‘oh my class is the best class in the world or something i’m just saying I have some interesting people in my class!

2015-When I first met my class I didn’t know there names because it was our first day in Secondary school. After a couple of months i got to know a bit about my class and who were the sensible ones and who were the annoying ones you could easily see that i didn’t fit in.

2016- Now that I know everyone and how they act. I wish I could talk more so that I could be involved in conversations. But most off all i wanted to be friends with (Hopefully they wont mind me saying there names) Grace, Lauren, Saffron, Beau and Eve and most of the girls.

The bad thing about our class is that we have the most (BAD)behavior points (that’s not a good thing!) Of course our class, will be remembered as the noisiest great ideas class! Also another bad thing about our class is the boys they are so annoying only sometimes is it funny but not all the time!

The good thing about our class is we come up with some really good ideas and there are people in our class who would help others and all that! If we were in the wrong place (like today when we were in the wrong building) we always go together, well sort of a bunch of girls and another bunch of boys!




9) My Friendship!

Hey, my friendship means a lot to me and I wanted to show that!

Alyssa and Danica– They are my true and will always be my best friends for life. We’ve had our good days and bad days but you guys always seemed to make me smile we’ve broken up a lot but it always makes out in the end  The reason I come to school is because of you two you always make me smile and make me special I’ve known them since year twoThey are like big sisters to me BFFL

 Break her heart I’ll break your face

Elousia and Erin– I’ve met them recently but it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time they are amazing (Don’t worry Alyssa and Danica you are amazing as well) You’ve been an amazing friend to me and I really appreciate that You have been there when I need you the most  you two are my only friend you two make me laugh you talk about random things (That’s a good thing) but you are still my best friend  BFFL

Best friends if you can’t deal with that then tough




8) DIY Lip Balm

Hey guys, i don’t like make-up but i was inspired by people doing this DIY so i thought it be fun!

All you need is two ingredients and one container:


Eye shadow

  1.  So you wanna put the Vaseline and eye shadow in the container and mix under hot water if you don’t know what i mean look on the picture below.
  2. STIR! And your ready!





7) 20 things you can do when your bored.

Hey guys! I know the holidays hasn’t began yet but trust me when they do begin you’ll get bored and you have no idea what to do so here are 20 things you could do if you are bored.

  1. listen to music: It can lift your spirit and you might even find a new song that you like.
  2. have a movie night/day: have a movie night/day where you invite your friends over and huddle together while watching a movie.
  3. have a bubble bath: it’s fun and relaxing at the same time.
  4. write in a journal: this is a fun way to express yourself and to express your feelings.
  5. start a blog– a fun way to communicate with other bloggers out there.
  6. try something new: this could be anything e.g break a worlds record, learn how to play an instrument.
  7. invite your friends over: you can have a laugh with them and do things together that you have never done before.
  8. do a DIY: do a DIY this could be anything to make your life look good.
  9. redecorate your room: add posters or move your bed etc.
  10. go shopping: go buy some things you saw in the shop you really wanted (you can also invite a friend so they can tell you their opinion)
  11. create a movie: you could be the director or film the movie.
  12. look through your old year book: bring back those memories.
  13. have a picnic: you don’t have to bake anything (you can if you want) just find things that are laying around the kitchen.
  14. try and say tongue twisters as fast as you can:  a fun way to pass time.
  15. read a book: this will allow time to pass quickly.
  16. watch the sun rise or sun set: its just beautiful and you can take a picture of it and post it on Instagram. (follow me on Instagram x.tomboy.x)
  17. go on a hike: a great way to energize your body and its also fun!
  18. have your own spa night: you deserve it! its relaxing!
  19. make a smoothie: take your time so its just perfect!
  20. try a new hairstyle: so you are ready for school and you can learn something new.






6)How I became a Tomboy?

Hey guys I always was a tomboy ever since my cousin  told me “do you know what a tomboy is” and I said no since I don’t know what words mean. that was when she told me it meant acting like a boy and not caring about much. then the idea just flashed in my mind and I said.

” I am going to be a tomboy. so the next day there was school and I asked my 2 best friends what are they like. Alyssa said “I am the funny one in the group” which was true and Danica said she was the ” wired” not true maybe a little bit but no way is she weird she is very thoughtful and very patient well most of the time.

Unfortunately we have now been splitted up I am in the broad curriculum and they are in the challenge curriculum. to be honest I don’t even know how we became friends and now anyway I am in Samuel Ward I haven’t made any new friends which is so sad and I don’t usually see them that much only on break times or lunch times.

we were always together until this happened. once a tomboy always a tomboy. I started being a tomboy in year 4 and now I am in year 7. so basically I have been a tomboy for nearly 3 years. so amazing! my friends know that I am a tomboy because they didn’t know what it mean either because I asked them DUH!

we always needed an extra person cause 3 is an odd number and whenever we get into groups we always get split up which wasn’t really fair I always say “don’t worry guys I’ll go into another group” since I am the youngest in the group. I think I am the youngest in the class.

Anyway I really miss my class and my friends since we have been splitted up which was not very fair! I mean we should be with our friends but instead we are in different tutor forms. in my class or tutor the only people who were in my tutor form is Oliver Harry and Abby. I haven’t made any new friends which sucks. I am now 11 years old and I am very shy and sometimes loud when I am around my friends.

The things I really like are being a tomboy listening to music my BFFs and playing Netball. I like any sort of sports apart from gymnastics and swimming because I don’t know how to swim and I can’t do a cartwheel I mean I really want to learn how to do it and again I am scared I might break an ankle or something.

The things I don’t like are my brother because he is so annoying and wont never listens to me. I also don’t like reading boring books cause its always going to be boring and of course bullies I mean who does.