18) 💖Activity Week💖

Hey guys! 💖 comment down below what sport you like the best!💖

Wednesday 29th of June 2016

💖Today is Activity week💖 i love sports so much we’re doing Basketball, Rounders, Football…💖

💖I don’t exactly remember the order we did it in but ill try my best!💖

💖Football– I am okay with football! when i started playing💖 i felt like i was in another world💖 this feeling was amazing the feeling when you won something💖 i started playing it I tackled some boys💖 and out of no where came a loud shout when i heard carefully they were cheering me on💖 one boy asked me for an autograph💖 I was i’m not that famous!💖

💖Our goalie wasn’t that good so i volunteered i hadn’t forgotten to, since i was a goalie in my primary school💖 i saved some shots but some people did shoot💖 i was probably the best goalie in my team!💖 A boy (not going to say his name) sort of staring at me💖

💖Rounders- i’m okay with rounders not the best. to be honest i didn’t do much💖 i actually think that i hit the ball more when a boy threw at me💖 i got a full rounder, a half a rounder as well💖💖

💖Gymnastics-💖 i don’t like gymnastics but i tried💖 all i did was go on the beam and that was it💖 but then some boys came in the queue and started to push in💖 A boy asked me if i was going on (he’s doesn’t talk much to me!💖)

💖Cricket- I only played once since some people didn’t go out and stayed on the pitch for long!💖 i hit it and ran a few times the weather started to get darker and i knew it was going to rain any minute now💖

💖Lunch Time- E asked me if we were aloud to eat in here💖 i said no i don’t think so💖 then W came in and said that we were so we sat down💖 and ate our simple lunch! O came in and said if we wanted his Cherry’s💖 A boy came and took the cheery’s and ran💖some of the boys started chucking the cherry’s everywhere💖 and that was the end of Lunch Time💖

💖Basketball- i was in a team with him for the first time! since i was a girl i knew they wouldn’t pass it to me💖so i started tackling and trying to get involved💖 He shot but it didn’t go in💖quickly i caught it and threw it in and went in💖 L gave me a high five💖 i always passed it to him don’t ask me why💖 then we played another match and He shot but it didn’t go in i caught it and shot but it didn’t go in💖 so he said to me Unlucky but in a calm way💖  Then he shot in a far a way distance and it went in!💖 Then some girl tried to snatch the ball from me and then He said to pull really hard and i did and i got the ball💖💖

💖 Tennis- it started to rain a little bit and i was partners with S!💖

💖 Awards ceremony- L got it i honestly thought it would be me but i’m m not selfish and i felt proud of her!💖 Before that miss was cross at us for eating in our form room so we had to clean it up even though we didn’t make the mess💖



17) 💖The Summer Fair💖

💖Hey guys I’m so sorry for not posting last week i wasn’t feeling very well💖 but i feel much better now💖

24th of June 2016💖

💖We had our final dish today💖 I got a 6C i made blueberry muffins they were okay i suppose💖 I had Geography after Food Tech💖 it was a bit boring as always💖 all we did was watch a clip about Mount Everest💖 Since we were learning about Mount Everest💖

💖After that, we went to out form room (C2) 💖as always our Teacher was late since her lesson was in A block💖 When she finally arrived we went outside to put the tables out for our stall💖

💖We moved our stall at least 3 times!💖 It was a bit Annoying!💖 I told D to come and try it out she came first💖 I felt so proud💖 it was 20p per turn!💖 It was probably the cheapest one there!💖

💖We went and bought some delicious cupcakes💖 it was a very hot day💖 I told D lets play catch💖 since we didn’t have a ball we played catch with D’s Panda purse💖 I was soo happy she was here i don’t know who i would go to💖

💖While we were playing catch N and A were going to do the Fancy Dress Fun Run!💖 i watched them and N won💖 YAY!

💖 Me and my friend got so bored and D kept asking me ‘lets sunbathe’💖 which was really getting on my nerves💖 when it was 2:00pm i went to my stall to help out💖but they didn’t need my help💖 so i sat next to my stall💖

💖When we started to walk around💖 there it was the most painful head ache ever💖 it hurts so much💖 i felt sick💖 i think it was because i didn’t eat my lunch💖 After a while it was my turn to be my turn to help the stall💖

💖So i went to the toilet because i felt sick💖 i went to the office to tell them that they told me i only have 15 minutes💖 so i waited💖 the office lady came and gave me a drink💖 which made a little better💖

💖while this was happening i saw M we looked straight into each others eyes💖 then i looked away💖 Quickly i ran to the toilet and then ‘BLEEEEEUUUURRRRRR’ I was sick all over the toilet💖

💖When the bell went i walked to my brothers primary school💖 i usually pick up my brother on Mondays and Fridays💖 I felt so weak💖 instead of picking up my brother i went straight home💖 i knew all i needed was a good sleep💖


Hope you Guys Enjoyed it💖✨😻💋😭😍😌👑💚🔐❤️


16) 💖The Birthday Party! 💖

Change profile photo  💖not me, I wish it was! (The Picture)💖

💖16th of June 2016 💖

💖I came back from school and got dressed and had a warm and cosy shower which is just what I need after a long boring day is school 💖

💖 I was learning then my mum called me to come down stairs to tell me that we were going to A’s Birthday Party 💖 As soon as I heard that I ran upstairs to get dressed 💖 I got dressed and went to her house 💖

💖I was the second one there N was there first 💖 She was doing A’s make-up 💖 A few moments later💖 S came and started talking and gave her the present💖 If you’re waundering i gave her 15 pound note💖

💖A few moments later they sat in a circle and started talking💖 of course. they forgot me i was always forgotten since i am really quiet💖 But then to my amazment A started including me in the conversation💖

💖After that they played💖 Truth Or Dare💖 while they were playing that i played with A’s sister and my brother💖 We blew up the balloons and played charades💖 I was very annoyed that they werent talking to me so i just dealed with that💖

💖You see the thing is me and N were the best of friends at least thats what i thought💖 we used to play dolls together and play hide and seek💖 we had so many memories💖 i wish things were like before when it was just us 3💖

💖We ate food and A’s mum started telling us a story about snakes and the time in India💖

💖Then my mum called saying that i need to come home i think💖 near to the end did N start to talk to me more i was happy💖 she is just so amazing and so is A!💖

💖I hope things get normal💖


💖If you have any ideas on what i should write next leave them in the comments below!💖


15)The London Trip!

Friday, 17th of June 2016 💖

(This happened yesterday!)

💖I finished school at 2:50pm and  went to pick my Brother from his school! 💖We came home and I went and had a warm shower! 💖 We ate Pizza which was delicious and we also had a bit of PIE! 💖

💖I got everything and told my brother to get dressed! 💖 We sat in our car and waited for my dad to come which didn’t take long since my dad parked the car near the house! We drove to where my mum works!

But on the way there my Aunty called saying that there car was loosing air so we had to come back and fill in the air! By this tome it was around 4:30pm! 💖We left and went to Cambridge to pick up my mum! 💖

My mum was wondering what took us long to get here since she waited at 3:00pm so I told the story and now it was 5:25pm! Finally we left to go to London! The reason why we were going to London was to see an Indian program!

💖Last time we went to the program it was great and I really enjoyed it! 💖

We arrived after a long time and I already felt tired! It was nearly 7 o clock and that was when the program started!

We entered the big building and in the building were some big crystal-like light they were so bright and amazing! I talked to my cousin she and I went to her friend’s birthday party on 💖16th of June 2016 💖, which was great!

We were given wristbands so that the people knew if people paid for their ticket after all some Indian Famous people were going to be there after all! We waited for the program to start I was expecting it to be amazing!

But it started with a song then another song then a bit of comedy which in a way didn’t make anyone laugh but 💖 I can’t moan about that! 💖

The one thing that I enjoyed was the man who did the circus tricks he juggled and did some circus tricks he came of the stage and ran up and down the lane!

There was also a famous man who preformed in an Indian movie and some singers!

Now it was 23:00pm and I was so tired that i could easily fall asleep! My brother kept asking my dad if it was finished and if we are leaving now which was hill-arias!

There was also another light which changed color which i thought was amazing! It was finished now and my family and my cousins family left to drive home by now i was really really hungry and could 💖 eat a whole pizza! 💖

We went to 💖Welcome Break and ate KFC 💖 which was delirious and now it was Midnight! In a way i wanted Starbucks but i think it was closed! My brother fell asleep on the way home and when we reached our home it was 1 in the morning!


(Hope you enjoyed it!)

(If you have any ideas on what i should write next make sure to comment that idea!)




14) Confidence

Hey! This was recommended by a person on Instagram (I’m soo sorry I forgot your name!)

Confidence is a big thing in school or even at work to talk in front of the whole class or to read in front of the whole class!

I know I was a bit scared reading in front of the class soo I began raising my hand in class volunteering to read it was a bit nerve-racking reading tot he whole class and when I started to read I was okay then we got to the middle of the page and I grew a bit hot (not that way!) so I started to volunteering!

Hopefully these steps/tips will help you out: 

  • Be a good friend and smile!– if aren’t a best friend people will think that you’re a bully!
  • Give people a chance– talk to someone new!
  • Make new friends!
  • Be your self– (I know you’ve heard this a million times but its true!)
  • Dont be afraid to make mistakes– you’ll learn from them and you’ll likely succeed
  • Stand Up for yourself– It doesnt matter what everyone else thinks! Imagine you’re having an argument with your friend what would you say!!
  • Stand up to Peer Presure– Say no to smoking and other things that you think might be a bad thing! It will only make it worse!
  • Dont be afraid to volunteer for something new!


(Hopefully some of these will help you out!)

(If you have any ideas leave them in the comments down below! BYE!!)




13) Life!!!

Hey! Today I’ve been thinking what happens if I don’t get a job what happens if I don’t get a high mark in my GCSE! I’ve actually been thinking about this for a long time!

Life is not to be normal its to make a difference! That’s what I think life is! I’m not the popular one in my class I’m actually the quietest one but the thing I can talk if people actually start to talk to me like my friends do!

My life is complicated it’s all over the place! I already lost someone important in my life and the best thing god could give me is a great future that’s all I wish for that I get a high mark in my GCSE there’s no point in hoping when you can make a difference!

But what makes my life amazing are my friends and family they are always there when you need them! Today my friends were reunited we were the only trio in year 6 until we got splitted up now!

But the main thing is that we should all be happy with our life’s I know people say ‘kill my life’ and other things! But the thing is some people think only about popularity when it isn’t it’s all about making a difference and to stop hoping!


(Hope You Enjoyed It I’ll Be Posting Every Wednesdays And Saturdays!)

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12) A Letter To The Future!

Dear, whoever reads this,                                    4th of June 2016

Today is the best weather all week it’s not too hot and not to cold. Even though it is only June, 2016 will soon disappear and, we’ll get older, 2017 will come just like a shooting star soaring through the night sky! Things have changed since the beginning of time e.g school, school used to be so violent but now a days it is a lot easier even though some people don’t like school!!

But there are bad things as well, like pollution! So this is the time to make a difference to the world even if it is to make someone happy it might make a big difference! I have so many memories with my friends and family!

Questions For The Future! 

  1. Is there flying cars?
  2. Has school changed till 2016?
  3. Will humans fly?
  4. Will there be a cure for cancer?
  5. Has the cars changed?
  6. Will there be cool gadgets?
  7. Will the less fortunate people become rich?
  8. Has nature changed since 2016?
  9. Does magic exist?
  10. Will there be a faster way to travel?

I hope to read this after a long time!

By Maria.x

(Hope you enjoyed it!)