27) Fourth Day Being Year 8!


Today is our last day before te summer holiday’s! We all came in our non-uniforms! We all went to our tutor forms which was already open!

Our first lesson of the day is geography and we had a supply teacher and we watched a nature document and boy was it boring! I sat next to Ben and he kept talking! Since we sat at the back the teacher couldn’t hear us giggling! 

Our second of the day is ICT! We played games and did anything we want it was a bit boring since I get bored easily! I ended up playing Papa’s Pasteria! 

We had break after ICT! I added £1 on my account and bought a chocolate cookie it was hard but deleious it was the first time I ate something for break in the old canteen! We both went to our form rooms!

We went on the computers and I carried on playing the game! We had assembly after this and it was boring! 

We all stood in a line in blazing sun finally the teacher called us in and we sat after 8.1! I sat behind Him and he said it was sexiest when all the girls in our class at leaste got one certificate! Ben R got the puiple of the moment he said that he was a sensible boy… Me and Elouisa started laughing our heads of!!!!!
We came in our classroom and did mid back! Olie had a paper aeroplane thing and he was playing with it then some of the boys started chucking it everywhere when someone threw it in 8.1’s classroom! Mr Stiff came and shouted soooo loud and shouted at the boys!
Lunch time was around the corner we went to the canteen and ate! I couldn’t find Elouisa so I at next to Sonia and started talking to her about how school was!
After a while me Grace and Eve started playing catch with Matts bottle with the boys! It was probably the first time I hung out with her! Luke joined in he didn’t go that near to Grace since yet broke up yesterday!
Came in the classroom! Lauren and Saffron put some music on they had a dance off! Lauren was the main one who danced! Then I saw Luke and Olie sitting at the back looking bored as! I was so tempted to go up to them and ask them what the matter was!
Our eyes met he raised his eye brows as if to say ‘I feel the same’ or to say ‘sigh’
At the end everyone crowded around and held hands Eve didn’t join in so I asked her why she didn’t join and kept begging for her to come and join in!


26) Third Day Being Year 8!

20th of July 2016

Today we came in our non uniform and did our normal lessons and as usual it was boring!

The first lesson of the day was double science! We went to B5 and we had a supply teacher, he seemed nice! We did a lot of work I wrote at least 3 pages! It was boring though but we had break after science so we went to the cafeteria!

Me, Elouisa, Erin, Abbie and Saffron went to the toilet so that Erin could get change!

It took a while but after that we went to the Drama studio! We didn’t do drama but we watched a proformance! We got our reports toga and obviously the boys had already opened theirs and most of them got at least one inconstance!

We had history after and it was boring we had yet another supply teacher who shouts a lot mainly to the boys which was getting very annoying!!!!

Lunch time was right around the corner we went outside and ate I sat with Elouisa, Saffron, Charlotte, Lauren and Erin! We played te game where the person next to you whispers a name and the other person has to guess!

Grace and Luke broke up! I think it is because he thinks that Grace likes Callum this new boy who joined at the start of the week! But boys they just jump to conclusions toooo quick that’s one thing I hate about boys!

Next we had English and we carried on watching Percy Jackson Lightning Thief! I think I told you this but I sit next to Elouisa! Finally the bell rang we all packed our belongings and ran out of the classsroom and went to the Music room!

In Music we did the same thing but this time I sat behind Him and it was hilarious he thinks Elliot’s cousin is fit! And he keeps commenting on the proformance also singing along with the music it was funny as!

Bye guys hope you have an amazing holiday!



25) Second Day Being Year 8

19th of July 2016

Today is my second day being year 8 so far so good! My first lesson of the day is French.

I came to school and went to my form room. On my way Olivia gave me an invitation for her 12th birthday! So I went to my form room where I found out that no one was there so I went tothe drama studio because we might have had assembly!

On the way there I saw Chloe who was walking in the wrong direction she needed to go to her locker to put her PE kit away. We walked back to C block and there we saw Abbie and Luke so I decided to walk with them!

Grace came and joined us on the way to the drama studio! We finally got there and we sat down and listened to what ever the teacher had say. I sat next to Grace but obviously we didn’t talk much!

After that, we went C1 for French and we had mr loftus he as a funny guy! He had to ger hair and had an accent he even tried to learn all our  names in one lesson and he had ways to remember them so for example I sat next to this boy called Matt he said we behind with M and A that’s the way he remembered our names!

Next we had maths and did I ever tell you that Aliesha won the bord game thing because she worked by herself well that happened today and not yesterday I got a little muddled up! Whoops!!!!

After maths we had break and the break out area was once again fills up with little kids and what a suprise! We had History so we went to C4 and there was a man teacher and he told us that we could sit anywhere we like! So Luke sat next to Elliot and in front of Grace since they go out! We listened to some history songs and started singing to it!

Next we had English and we had new seating so I sat next Elouisa and she sat next to me and Erin. We sat and watched the movie Percy Jackson and the lighting thief it was a good movie I Have also read the book it was so good I couldn’t put the book down!

Next we had lunch where the canteen was full so we couldn’t sit inside so some of the people in my class went outside and we sat in the shade and I enjoyed my squished bacon sandwich!

So we went to our next lesson and I sat next to Elouisa I looked behind me and I saw that I sat behind well, near Luke. Miss said that we had to complete 10 pictures by the end of period 5! I looked behind and saw him looking!

Enrichment boring as always we went outside and sat in the sun!



24) First Day Being Year 8!

 18th Of July 2016

Today is my first day being year 8! It wasnt that bad I felt a bit relaxed but I don’t know why! Sonia is now in Samuel ward. She walks to school with angel, I used to walk with her but I was always late which didn’t matter because our form teachers are always late so it’s okay!

My first lesson of the day was double art but since it is our first day being year 8 we had meeting time! For the first time they are early but then I realised that Mr Stiff was our new form teacher! We did a bit of Midback!

We had break and it was all crowded with all the new year 7 so we went to our next lesson which was geography in B block! We haven’t had our lesson in B block before so this was new to us! We had a quiz and my team came last but we still got sweets but we had to share it! Now I sit next to Ben H in geography!

After geography we had maths we carried on making bored game. After a while we finished it so we tested it out! And I really enjoyed it, people are going to come and judge who’s the best! I was partners with Aliesha but I decided to go with Elouisa I told her that she could come in our group if she wanted to! She said she likes to work by herself! And the judges came and judged it and I was right Aliesha did win!

We had lunch after maths! I had prawn sandwiches and yes it was disgusting so i used my pound I found, I bought some pasta and it was delicious!YUMMY!:^_^

PE was so boring we playing frisbee rounders and it was cool boring and hot at hot at the same time! The worst thing is that I didn’t have a drink and i got thirsty quickly I lookd in my pe kit hoping that there would be a water bottle  to my suprise there was then I remembered that I left it from sports day but it was empty but since there was a water fountin I coukd fill it up after school!

We had science next and I had to sit next to Will! We also had a new science teacher and it was a man I wish we had our old science teacher back she was the best! The man locked Indian and his name sounds Indian as well! We played with balloons! Also Grace and Luke go out!

I went to pick up my brother after I filled my water bottle!



23) Last Day Of Being Year 7!

15th of July 2016

In form time Miss gave us some cupcakes because today she is no longer our form teacher she is going to a different country and she won’t be back!

In food tech we made some help sheets for the new year 7’s I made 2! This was really boring! Some of the boys started chucking paper aeroplanes!

Maths was not fun we made board games! I was partners with Aliesha! We needed to go to Mrs Lays roomer needed the thing that you cut paper wth! We were both scared to go inside so we went back and then went again! On the way I saw Alyssa with her grandmother walking down the corridor she wasn’t feeling well so she had to go home! We finally had the courage to go inside and ask! She knocked first but no one could hear her so I had to knock for her! She asked miss and watched Aliesha cut the paper!

Geography was okay we did a quiz I was partners with Abbie, Aliesha and Olivia! Half way through question 2, there was a sudden ‘beeeep beeeep beeeeep beeeeep! We all ran down the corridors an outside! On the way there I saw something shine in my eyes at first I thought it was nothing but when I looked closely it was a £1 coin!

Lunch time was the usual! I sat with Lauren, Charlotte, Samantha, Elouisa and Mia! We played the game where someone next to you has to say a persons name and we have to describe him/her! I got Aliesha Charlotte told me to be carefull! I didn’t know why at first but when I turned around I saw Aliesha with Abbie!

PSHCE was not fun as always! Miss left half way through te lesson and we had a cover teacher! We were making a soon this thing! My group was Samantha and Olivia! We made the poster and wrote our ideas down! Oh wait sorry I meant they did everything while I sat and did nothing! NO HATE!!!

French was okay we watched a French film but we had no idea what on earth it was talking about this is our last lesson of the day then it’s the time we’ve been looking forward to this whole time HOME TIME!!!!!


I wont be able to write that much after 25th of July since i’m going on holiday! i’ll try and write about it as soon as possible!



22) 💙Sports Day!💙

💙Today is my first time doing sports day at Secondary school and i can’t wait!💙

💙14th of July 2016💙

💙I went in my PE kit to school and went in my tutor form💙

💙Our first race was running💙 I was doing Relay and i enjoyed it! I ran and passed it to Samantha and she ran and ran and we won💙It wan’t that difficult but it was fun On my feet and running as fast i can💙 we had to wait for ages and ages!💙

💙💙💙💙COME ON DARWIN!!!💙💙💙💙

💙The weather was just right 💙not to hot or cold💙 all the Darwin people wore Light Blue Bibs💙 It stank of sweat since people from the past💙 me, Chloe and Aliesha sat around💙 we started playing 21 dares and truth or dare💙💙💙💙

💙We don’t have any break which really sucks but we had a very long lunch time💙 i ate my sandwiches and my crisps it was delicious!💙 In lunch time we sat on the hills and started talking to Lauren, Grace, Rosie,Olivia,Mia and Eve!💙💙

💙We went to our form rooms and it was so chaotic boys everywhere and sitting on the table💙💙 Grace and Luke started playing catch with Louie’s shoe!💙 After lunch time we went to our sport💙

💙💙I had cricket and it was okay but people were not trying their best💙 It was really annoying💙 but i still enjoyed it anyways💙 i hit a few times💙

💙i got really thirsty and i needed a drink but i didn’t have any because someone jumped on my water bottle and now it’s squished💙 GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

💙We all went to where we started and watched the tug of war!!💙 We lost against Cavell!!!!!💙 after that we went and sat near the speakers and they announced who won!💙

……….3rd place is…. Cavell💙

……….2nd Place is….Darwin💙

………..1st Place is….Brunel💙

💙oh well we didn’t win but we beated Cavell!💙

💙And i walked home slowly minding every stone on my path💙

💙I went and picked my brother from my aunties house💙



21) 💙My Life So Far!💙

💗Hey Guys!💗

💗Today I realize that when you get older you start to get more lonely💗

💗I used to have a best friend who was in my class and i always waited for her and she waited for me💗 but now she just ditches me and this is getting really annoying💗 I don’t usually get annoyed💗 but i get it i’m quiet so no-one talks to me💗

💗Sometimes i wonder why i even exist i mean there should be a reason behind everything in life💗 right?💗

💗And i’m sorry if i made you feel angry or upset💗

💗Only if people starts talking to me💗 my life would get a lot better💗 I only talk when someone talks to me first💗 but with my true friends i go and talk to them💗 because i don’t care what they think of me💗

💗Oh I’m sorry I forgot I only exist when you need something💗

💗People boss me about because i’m quiet💗

💗My life is complete because of my friends and family because they are always there when you need them💗

💗I just wish people in my class talk to me more💗 i know that’s not going to come true💗

💗I feel so left out with my Indian friends💗 we used to be best friends and it was just the three of us💗 but it all changed since 2015 and now they leave me out💗sometimes they call my name but they rarely don’t💗

💗I hate the feeling when you feel left out💗

💗I also hate people who ditches people💗

💗Don’t be friends with people who don’t make you feel comfortable💗

💗We can all make a difference if we raise our voices💗

💗Believe In Your Self And You’ll Do Amazing💗

💗 When life isn’t fair don’t give up💗



20)💖What To Do When Your Bored in Summer?💖

💖Hey guys and Ladies, Summer is right around the corner and you might already be bored so here are some ‘things’💖 Danica gave me this idea on Monday so Thank You Danica!

  1. 💖Have a water fight with your friends or even your siblings!💖
  2. 💖Have a Slumber Party with your friends or sibling (even though sibling are annoying especially my brother who doesn’t even listen to me!)💖 
  3. Go biking or walking!

4. play sports or an musical instrument


5. Read an interesting book

6. Plan your next birthday party with family or friends!

7. Do some challenges with your friends or sibling (I once did a challenge with my cousin which was blind folded make-up challenge it was hilarious you guys should try it!)

8. Brush your hair out, and try a new style!

9.Go exploring in your garden and make a secret hiding place where you can only go!

10. Have a Picnic!

11. Talk to your imaginary friend this might sound a little weird please don’t judge (my imaginary friend is called Mace)

Hope you guys liked it!



Life Hacks

19) 💖Summer Life Hacks!💖

💖Summer Is Here and Its Time To Have Some Fun!💖

💖Our Summer Holidays start soon and i can’t wait! Also i’m turning 12 this month and i cant wait for that either!💖

💖Life Hacks To Help You Survive The Summer!💖

1)💖Get a cup-cake case and your popsical/lolly-stick and its hard to explain but the picture is down.💖

2)💖Push up the Bottom For A Flat Surface And Then Roll The Top Of The Bag In-wards. (If That Made Any Sense) But Try and Understand It From The Picture From Below)💖

3)💖Get Your Can Of Coke and A straw. Then… Twist The Silver Bit Back A Little and Put The Straw Through The Hole💖

4)💖 When Your Traveling To Save Space Roll Your Clothes!💖

5) Get A Baking Tin And Put All Your Small Toppings/Sauce like Ketchup or Cheese and etc! Good When Your On a Picnic Or A Outdoor Party…

6)💖Get A Ziploc bag and put your phone in it, so when your in the pool you can use your phone in the water without getting your phone wet!💖

7)💖Put a tea bag in your shoe so that it doesn’t smell bad!💖


8) 💖Make a Sprinkler by getting a bottle and poking a couple of holes in the bottle and put a hose through it!💖 


9) 💖Get a Hanger and put all your sun glasses on it to save space!💖 


10)💖Put a Bucket of ice-cream in a Ziploc bag to keep it soft!💖

11)💖Put a straw through your cup-cake case to prevent flies and other insects💖

12)💖put all your valuable things in an empty sun cream container💖