Getting Told Off

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27th of September 2016

I’ve never gotten told off by my PSHCE teacher.

So, me and my friend were walking across the field arguing about whether to go and change here or over there. Me and my friend went to C block and got changed in the toilets.

Miss was like why are you changing in the toilets. since me and my friend were talking about stuff that’s how she found out. I thought she left so i got changed in the toilets.

Miss said Sir i think someone’s stuck in the toilet. Me and my friend were sooooo scared. my friend opened the door and went out then i went out she shouted at me saying that i shouldn’t change in the toilet’s.

Miss’s face was getting red in the face. i said that i was sorry and i went of. 2 boys said ‘did you get told off?’ i said ‘No someone else did!’ My friend had already left when we met at the building i was shivering.

It was sooooo scary!!!!!!!!




Wednesday 21st September 2016

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Wednesday 21st September 2016

In the morning I ate my breakfast and went to school i mean doesn’t everyone?

We went inside our tutor room and found out that we had to sit next to the boys. So I sat next to Elouisa and Ben R!

Our first lesson of the day was double Science and I had to sit next to Elouisa and opposite Luke and Keiren! We made our circuits and stuff we were in a different room and it was much more bigger!

Next we had break I ate (like any normal human beings would do!) then i went straight to the drama studio to find that the year 9’s lining up then i realized that they were having their injections!

Sir put us into groups and I was with Samantha, Bill and William. i had to be the jolly one in the group since it’s drama. Β I could either be the posh woman, the tired worker, the manager or the jolly guy! Then we had to show ours and he recorded it!

After that i went to history. On the way there the boys were physically fighting each other. i was alone since m friend ditched me! They were litterally on the field fighting! Then half way through the lesson Mr S came and told them to come outside! ooooooooo!

Then we had lunch i sat next to Elouisa we kept moving from one table to another becuse there was bird poo everywhere! Finally we sat done just me, Elouisa, Erin, Beau and Charlotte!

Then there was another table with Lauren, Rosie, Saffron, Samantha and Abbie! When Beau and Erin left, Lauren and Saffron were talking about her!


Then i went to a corner where Luke, Harry G, William were standing and found that they were doing the bottle flip thing so i gave it a go then gave the bottle to Luke! I actually





DIY · Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

1. Instagram cards Write down one best memory you and your friend had!

2. A DIY Cup with your friend’s name!

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3. If your friend is turning 12 you should get a box decorate it and put 12 of her/his favourite things inside it!

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4. (Everyone’s Favorite) Chocolate!

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5. Β Make a collage (Pictures!)of all the fun times with your friend and put it on a frame!

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6. Friendship Bracelet!

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7. Gift card/Money!

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8. A home made card, get a picture of you and your friend together and make a card!

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That’s all i have for you guys if you have any ideas comment them! Make sure to follow me on my blog!




31)Alvis’s Birthday Party!

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14th of September 2016

I came back from school and got told to have a shower and to get changed! We are going to a Birthday Party can’t wait! I mean i have no idea why i even got invited i mean he’s only 10 or something!

Me and Abel went to there house and found out that they already cut the cake just when we came in! That was annoying! But O well! Angel was glad to see me since she was the only girl who is 13 years old.

I asked Angel who’s Birthday it is, and she told me it was Alvis’s Birthday! I was like what? Because i wrote the card wrong then because i put Abel (his younger brother) I just left the card on the table in front of his mum!

We all went outside to play and then Alfa came and scared me, you see i know all the little kids around here so you know! We ate outside there was KFC chicken and chips and more! we went to the park!

Where Angel told me ‘Sonia’s wearing a belly top’ i was like erm what? I mean I haven’t wore a belly top before so i went up to her and asked her! Then i went and played with the boys they were playing football!

The day went on and on until they didn’t want to play football and went inside! Ashika went inside and played with the boys who were playing on PS4!

Sonia went after a while and then it came to me Angel, Joe and Antony we played volleyball which was fun and then my mum came so we all went home!

I went and done my Homework which was due in the next day it took a while since Β had no idea where the cardboard was.


(The next day Sonia came up to me and said that Ashika said that Sonia can wear anything she wants. And i said ‘well i didn’t say that you weren’t aloud to wear it.’)




30) Amitha’s Birthday Party!

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10th Of September 2016

Happy Birthday Amitha!

It was just a typical Saturday morning until my dad told us that we are going to my friend’s sister’s 18th Birthday! At around 5:00pm we went to a hotel place where there was a white tent outside!

We went inside and realized that we were one of the first people there! So I helped blow the balloons there I saw a girl come in looking all posh with her mum at her side it took me a second to realize who that was! It was Natasha!

I remember Nimin talking about her ages ago about 3 or 4 years ago! It was a bit weird Β but then I realized that she didn’t recognize me so I just acted as myself and went to played with Joe and Antony!

After that we went inside the actual building by then Sonia and Nimin were here. me and Sonia and the boys were planning to play dodgeball! but that didn’t happen since the little kids were making a lot of noise!

Eventually I gave up and sat on the sofa with Nimin, we talked for a while.

You should have seen the cake it was amazing there was a white one and a red one it looked so good I couldn’t wait to stuff my face in it!

More and more quests arrived and it was starting to get crowded people were beginning to push!

Finally we cut the cake! The candle was so tall and it crackled like fire works in the nights sky! I took videos but I kept getting shoved so the video is a bit shaken but O well at least i took a video!

In the middle of the cake cutting Angel came Nimin was soo happy to see her! They both liked my dress which I wore for my 12th Birthday! I went in another room to try some cake and it was soooo good i wanted more!

But since my mum had work we had to go drop her off! So we couldn’t stay and enjoy the rest of the food! it was 7:30pm.

We went and droped my mum of to work and my dad asked me if i wanted pizza so i said ‘yeah.’ we ate pizza it was so cheesy and it had everything in it!





29) India

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πŸ’–As soon as I felt the aeroplane I smelled something that i recognized it was the sweet smell of India and that is how i knew that i reached India! We went and got our suitcases! There weren’t that many luggage so my mum pushed the trolley!πŸ’–

πŸ’–My Grand Father came and picked us up and took us home! it was a long time to get there but we finally reached there! There I saw my Grandmother she hugged just the way I imagined it! You see i haven’t been to India since 6 years and i haven’t seen them since ages!πŸ’–

πŸ’–My grandmother said ‘your dad said that you don’t talk that much and that you are not fat and look like me!’ I took that as a compliment but they didn’t. They were expecting me to be a little fatter.πŸ’–

πŸ’–When i entered, i saw a dog and then i had a flash back when i saw little i came here and there was a massive tiger stuffed toy i got it carried it in front of the dog cage and i started making woofing noises! Yes i know i was weird when i was little.πŸ’–

πŸ’–The weather was okay and it wasn’t too hot just the right climate. my brother has been to India last year so he acted as if he was an expert but i didn’t say anything or else it won’t be pretty!πŸ’–

πŸ’–I went in and out of every room and wandered which one used to be my dad’s?πŸ’–

πŸ’–My dad’s sister came! she didn’t look any different since i saw a picture of her when i at home! she told me to walk there and to come back, i thought that was a bit weird but i had to obey! i went there and came back. She told me that i look like her DaughterπŸ’–

πŸ’–Her daughter isn’t here because she’s gone to work in a different part of the country!πŸ’–

πŸ’–Over all my day in India has been a blast and can’t wait for tomorrow!πŸ’–


(I’ll upload Day 2 this week!)

(Where did you guys go over the summer holidays!)


28)πŸ’–The reason why I haven’t been writing for over a month!πŸ’–

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πŸ’–Hey guys!πŸ’–

πŸ’–If you guys were wondering where i was this whole time I was India is the only reason!πŸ’– We stayed there for over a month so basically for the whole summer holidays.πŸ’– I can’t wait to go again next year.πŸ’–

πŸ’–You see there was no internet connection in India so i couldn’t write or post anything for over a month!πŸ’– it is the first time we all went as a family to India and stayed there as a family!πŸ’–

πŸ’–So since i’m a christian we have a thing called Baptism and Holy Communion! I had my Baptism when i was 2 and a half years old.πŸ’– this year i had my Holy Communion and now i can receive the bread and the wine/vine in church.πŸ’–

πŸ’–My Holy Communion was nice i enjoyed it! i’ll be writing about it this week or next week we’ll see!πŸ’– If you have any ideas on what i should write about please leave a comment!πŸ’–