💌Monday 24th of October 2016💌

😲Today is sooo boring there is literally nothing to do and i am soooo bored😲 Just like yesterday and the day before that😲

😋Today is the 4th day of my half term since my half term started on Friday!😋 I had so many ideas on what to do on half term. Not Really!!😋 I am now sick of watching TV😋

🍉When i think of watching a movie i don’t know what to watch🍉 or full version of the movie.🍉 it’s so boring🍉 then your parents give you a load of chores🍉 I can’t bake anything because our oven is very complicated to use🍉

💌We haven’t been anywhere💌 and did i mention that it’s sooo boring💌  Nothing to do💌 I wish we went to the park or play outside💌 or do anything that is fun and exciting💌 I’ve been thinking about drawing cartoon girls or anime I’ve started💌 and can’t wait to finish it💌

🦄I was also thinking about going outside and having a picnic🦄 or going shopping on my bike🦄 or something🦄 I’m going to die with boredom🦄 I was hoping to have a fun day today but i guess not🦄 let’s hope something fun will happen tomorrow🦄

💙I’ve watched ‘Sam and Cat’ and ‘Girl Meets World’💙 And they are really  really good💙 you guys should watch their episodes💙

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😘If I were rich😘

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★ 22.09.16★

😄If I were rich i would donate some money to the poor😄 I would buy expensive presents for my friends and invite them all to go Paris or to another country.😚 I would have my own room with a HD TV.😚

😉I would have my own pool and have fun everyday.😉 I wouldn’t be so sassy or popular but i would have many friends who are always there for me😜 I would give some money to charity😜

🍉Have Fun and never feel like you need more in life🍉 I would also give money to people who really need it.🍉 I would also save some money and spend it on things that are really really important🍉

😻I would live in a very very posh house with four bedrooms😻 In my room there should be a bathroom where only i can use😻 I know it’s ridiculous😻I would have my own laptop and have my own I Phone 5😻


😻What would you do if you were rich?????😻


My First Drama

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😋I’ve never cried for no reason but today i did.😋 How comes bad thing happen to me? 😋It all started in Art when Erin was talking about me, 😋she thought i couldn’t see her but through the computer screen i could.😋

😋She was talking to Elouisa.😋

😪I wish i said ‘O F*** Off’ or😪 ‘Guess what Erin you can’t work with me’😪

🤒I was quiet through the whole lesson hoping she would F*** off. 🤒I’ve never felt so much anger before.🤒 (only once that was with my brother) I was praying to god that the bell would go so i don’t have to see her face anymore.🤒

😖Of course Aliesha was with Elouisa so I was all alone, 😖i walked across the field where i saw Olly and Kerain so i went up to them and talked about Olly and Alice. 😖Apparently they broke up and😖 they were getting roasted Harry Elden was in the group chat as well.😖

🙁In Geography we had to go to the Library. 🙁I had no one to go with (partner) so I asked Elouisa and Aliesha they said that they were already in a group all of a sudden Charlotte came 🙁and asked them if she could be in their group, I could see Aliesha saying to Elouisa 🙁’No’ I could see Charlotte saying something since i am a pretty decent lip reader she 🙁was talking about me and said ‘I don’t want to work with Maria.’ 🙁

🙁So i went to the other side of the room to see Miss and she said to go find a group🙁 (Just a great teacher)🙁 I ended up crying that’s when Rosie said🙁 that i could be in her group so i decided that i was going to be in her group.🙁

😵People were asking me if i was okay even Erin,😵 I was so tempted to say F off to her.😵 She seems nice at first and then after a minute i figured out how she was actually like😵. Me and Rosie were in a group and it seemed okay. 😵She asked me what happened I said that no one likes me which was true.😵 She said that she likes me and Erin likes me also Chloe. Beau came up to me and hugged me 😵(i was surprised but at that moment i was annoyed.) 😵She also asked me if i was okay and what happened i said i was fine over and over again. 😵

😵She went away. 😵

😲This whole time the teacher didn’t even bother trying to calm me down.😲 The boys didn’t notice that i was crying 😲Thank God For That! 😲

🤕At the Last period which was PE and Aliesha and I were marking each other in Netball. 🤕She said:

🤕’Did me and Elouisa upset you?’ Aliesha.🤕

🤕I said ‘Maybe’🤕

🤕’Charlotte forced us to let her in our group’ Aliesha.🤕

🤕I said ‘Since i can lip read did she say that she didn’t want me in her group?’🤕

🤕’Yeah, Which was a bit harsh.’ Aliesha.🤕

😳At the end of the day everything seemed to be okay.😳

😳Abbie came up to me and said 😳‘Beau said that she was sorry of what she said upsetted me if said anything to upset you.’😳



Halloween costume Ideas

Hey guys Halloween is nearly here ( well only 15 days)

  1. 👻Dead school girl/boy👻
  • Old School Uniform
  • Red Lipstick
  • Black Shoes 
  • Messy hair
  • Cut the ends of your trouser and the sleeves on your T-shirt.Image result for dead school girl costume

2. 😎Police Women/Men😎

  • Hat
  • costume
  • Black Glasses

Image result for halloween costumes

3.😈 Pirate😈

  • Pirate Hat
  • Eye Patch
  • Costume

Image result for halloween costumes

4.🙀 Dead queen/Dead prom girl🙀

  • A dress that you don’t like or that doesn’t fit
  • A crown or tiara
  • High heels
  • Messy hair/ wig

Image result for dead queen costume

5. 😜Dead mickey mouse😜

  • Spotty T-Shirt or Black T-shirt
  • Black trousers or Read spotty trouser
  • Ears
  • Make-Up

Image result for dead mickey mouse costume

6. 😋Something😋

  • Put on a wig 
  • Put make-up on your face 
  • White T-shirt 
  • Rip holes in it 
  • Put Blood stains on it with make-up
  • Any trouser (maybe Jeans)


  • Crown/Tiara
  • Eye Patch
  • Ears
  • Wand
  • Mask

7.🤒Dead Fairy Or normal fairy🤒

  • Fake Wings
  • Tiara/Crown
  • Dark clothing or costume
  • Wig (optional)

Image result for dead fairy costume

8. 👯Dead Sisters👯

  • 2 Identical dresses 
  • Identical Hair (Maybe)
  • Blood splattered everywhere on the dress

Image result for easy halloween costumes

9.💋 A Dead Doll 💋

  • Paint nails black (optional)
  • A toy
  • a Dress 
  • Wig
  • Necklace (not expensive ones)
  • Messy hair or not messy hair

Image result for a dead doll costume

10. 😴Gothic Girl😴

  • Dark Lipstick
  • Dark Hair
  • Dark Clothing

Image result for gothic girl


😡Enjoy your Halloween!!!!😡


😘If i were popular…😘

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😜15th Of October 2016😜

😋If I were popular I would talk to everyone in my class including the quiet ones😋 and make sure everyone’s included😜 and no ones left behind😜 I would also make sure everyone would feel that their included😌

😌I would forgive my friends when they’ve done things that I didn’t like.😏 I won’t be all sassy and stuff, like I owned the place.😏 I would make sure I have no enemies and become best friends with them.😅

😅I don’t want to be popular or you’ll be expected to look pretty everyday of your life😋 and you’ll have to act like a girly girl😋 Being popular is not what school is about😝 school is about making friends having fun having the right education😝

😍Enjoy every moment in your life and make sure you have fun😍 I’m not popular😂 but I like my life so far because I’m enjoying making sure to have some fun😂 We all have something special, our voices and our hearts so use it.😙 Don’t be afraid to raise your voices when needed😙

😎When you have something to say it aloud😘 don’t listen to hate, listen to the complements you get😘 We only have 1 Million minutes in school🤗 so enjoy while it lasts🤗 make a difference to this world.😃 Only you can😃

😁Stand up for yourself😁 Smile and enjoy!😋





🚀So today in Period 5 there was a Gothic thing which we are learning in English, we went to the drama studio. 🚀I went and saw Erin she said that Elouisa has been ditching her and going with Aliesha, i agreed with her because she’s been ditching me as well so i went with my true friends from primary school.🚀

🚀If i go up to them talk to them they might be talking behind my back which i hate about people.🚀 I mean i’m not being mean or anything but if i was popular i would talk to everyone in my class and make sure everyone is included.🚀

🚀But i am shy and don’t argue with the girls but sometimes i argue with the boys just for the fun of it. 🚀We went inside the drama studio and saw people dressed up all scary like it was Halloween.🚀

🚀The whole class and some other classes were walking around the room, trying to answer the questions on the sheet of paper.🚀  This 6th former was pulling Harry E, Louie B and Luke G away from the circle made from rope, which was physical Contact. 🚀

🚀Finally the Gothic thing was over we went outside the door were fake blood. I went behind the door to feel it and Luke came as well he said ‘dibs’ to have one of the blood thing i took one as well🚀 Miss caught Kieran taking it and told him off. LOL!🚀



Boycode (Band)

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13th of October 2016

Our assembly was cancelled because of this boy band thank god. In the morning it was freezing cold as always I walked to school which takes 7 minutes to get there.

I finally arrived and Alyssa said that there was no assembly so I went and told the people in my class so we decided to walk to C Block because that’s where our form room was.  Olly goes out with Alice Penc and all the boys were asking him if he bought his girlfriend.

Anyway all the lessons were soooo boring like always! So went to see Boycode, most of the girls were wondering if they were a real band.

As we enter the drama studio all of the pupils were sitting in rows, my class was first row (because we’re special! Jokes!!!) We were like who’s the fittest out of all of them. I honestly thought Timmy was.

They got us to raise our hands and stand up. I sat behind some boys (Luke, Will, Matt, Ben R) It was funny they were making us laugh, they also liked Timmy  (In a way they were making fun of him but in a funny way not in a mean way!!!)

Timmy were giving high fives to people at the back which sucks since we were sitting at the front. They sang many songs people from behind were shouting and screaming, they also talked about cyber bullying.

And that it is very dangerous. At the end of the band we all got a card with their faces on and we got them to sign it. Now that photo hangs in the back of my room. They also signed people’s planner (On the back)

It was a fantastic day and I wasn’t expecting that to happen today. Also this is my first time seeing a boy band which is weird.



Nominated by taklives

I was nominated by ‘taklives’ You should check out her blog, her blog is amazing!!! I only saw this notification at 6 in the morning!

Here are some rules if you get nominated:

  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Who nominated you, include that in your blog? (ME YAY!!!)
  3. Write a brief story of why you started blogging.
  4. Write two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award

So let’s see!

Why did i start blogging?

Ever since i was little, i made books with a few sheets of A4 paper and wrote down stories. I loved being so creative when i was little. I also loved to write at the age of 10. I was watching one of her oldest videos about blogs and that inspired me write this blog. I was always a tomboy ever since i was little so i decided to name it xtomboyx. I may not be good at writing but i love to do it anyway’s. I didn’t write for over a month because I went to my home country. I hope to carry this blog until i grow up to be an adult.

2 Advice’s to new bloggers

  1. Read other people’s blog to get inspired.
  2. Make your blog stand out by adding different font or pictures.

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A letter to my sister.

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Dear Liza Chichi,

I just want to know one question why did you leave our family? Our mom says that you went straight to heaven which is great news.

How are you doing?

I just wish you were here with me I know everyone hates their big sister or brother but I don’t I wish you were here.

It would be awesome to have a big sister since she would know all the drama and all the friendship problems. She would also help me in the future like how to do things correct and what not to do.

You would look after me tell me secrets and I tell her my secrets that would be the best moment. Play truth or dare like best friends would do. Play hide and seek like little kids would do.

You are like a piece of me that never breaks apart.

Play pranks on our little brother. Life isn’t right without you!! We all wish you were here to make our family a lot happier. We pray for you everyday of our lives for you.

I hope you have a great time in heaven.

By your only sister Maria.