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A Good Change…

❤️Erin was still continuing to take Elouisa❤️ away from me❤️ and on the way to the canteen Aliesha asked me if I was okay ❤️and asked if I felt left out. ❤️I told her everything❤️ and she understood me❤️

💛She told me that she knew this was going to happen💛 and said that she knows what it feels like to be left out💛 I was sooo glad that she understood and saw that I was being left out💛 I’m glad to have an amazing friend like her💛

💚I went to find a table so we could all sit down💚 Elouisa came after a while since she needed to get something out of her locker💚 Aliesha told Elouisa what I said to her and Elouisa replied 💚’I tried to include you 💚but Erin was changing the subject’💚 I understood that very well 💚and i had a very warm feeling inside💚

💜We started to walk over to our next lesson which was DT. Erin was talking to Elouisa 💜and now I felt more confident to talk to her,💜 we walked down the corridor Elouisa and Erin in front 💜and me and Aliesha behind them💜 and mouthed ‘I told you.’💜

💜Inside I was smiling💜

❤️💛💚💙💜The lesson I learned today is if you feel left out talk to your friends about it and the best friends always understand!!❤️💛💚💙💜


❤️💛💚💙💜You can change the world for the better!!❤️💛💚💙💜

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❤️Feeling Left Out❤️

❤️Today is Monday, the most boringest day of the week.❤️ My friend Elouisa❤️ was talking to Erin in the morning❤️, and a flash back ❤️came through my head when yesterday, Nimin said❤️ ‘Isn’t so annoying when a person says something mean about another person and then the next day they act like friends’❤️

💛It was so weird.💛I didn’t take it personally,💛since they were talking about swimming 💛and since I couldn’t swim💛i gave up listening💛 to them.💛 Aliesha came a bit late today💛 After Lunch I felt like Elouisa and Aliesha 💛had ditched me and went with Erin💛 But I can’t feel like this because this is yet another experience 💛that i have felt so many times that I’ve lost count.💛

💚This blog is the only thing that I can be honest with myself💚 and not pretend to be someone who I am not💚 My primary school friends are the people who I trust the most💚 and I act very very weird around them💚

💚I hope tomorrow will be better and that it is just the three of us and that it stays like that!💚

😍Remember you are Beautiful!😍


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I have Changed…


🍉Ever since i’ve started year 8, 🍉i have changed a lot and i don’t like some of the change. 🍉For example,🍉 i’m actually caring about how i look 🍉and and turning into a girly girl 🍉but the good thing is i’m not wearing any make-up.🍉

💎I did have a crush on a boy but💎 now i got him out of my head and now 💎all i care about is learning and hoping to have a good job in the future.💎

✨Hard Work Always Pays Off.✨

💪I’ve also been soooo lazy to do things at the end of 2016💪 and i felt like i couldn’t achieve anything💪 that was why i haven’t been posting as much last month💪 but this month is going to be different💪 i’ll be posting more and i hope you guys will enjoy💪

❤️If you guys have any ideas 🎁on what i should write about please comment👇


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Things I’ve learned in life:

  1. Good things don’t come to all people.

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2.  When things get tough sometimes you’ll have to figure out your own way to survive!

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3.It’s better to be your self and to fit in with people.Image result for be yourself

4. No one can predict your future, only you can create one.

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5. Happiness is the key to life, when you smile everyone else smiles.

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6. Do little things to change peoples life.

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7. Never Be Cruel!

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Remember to keep on smiling and believing in yourself!!