Things I Don’t Understand…

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1. 💎I don’t understand why people are so racist I mean we are all different and unique and you can’t judge someone by the color of their skin, I’m brown and i am proud to be different but it gets annoying when people are being racist right in front of me.💎

2. 💎I don’t understand why people judge each other by their looks or their eyebrows and I think that the person who looks in the mirror thinks and knows their beautiful, so make their dreams come true and compliment them.💎

3. 💎I don’t understand why people bully others because of their gender, its their choice if they want to be bisexual or transgender. They should be who they want to be so don’t bully them. In my school we are doing this thing where if you wear a rainbow shoe lace if means you support Gay people.💎

💎This world is changing before our eyes and our generation can make a difference if we put our minds towards it.💎




Gift Ideas

🎁Birthday Gift Ideas🎁

❣️My friends Birthdays are coming up and I thought I’ll make a DIY Birthday Gift Ideas Post.❣️ One of my friend’s birthday is on the 4th of February and my other friends birthday is on the 5th of February, how convenient.❣️

  1. ❣️If your Friend is turning 13 which makes them a teenager and we all know that teenagers go through stress,❣️ in my opinion you should give them a really cute stress ball and their favorite chocolate bar.

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2.❣️ Room Decor, we all want our rooms to be clean and interesting so why not give your friend some cute DIY Room Decor❣️Image result for room decor diy

3. ❣️A photo frame with your friends pictures of your memories together❣️ 

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4.❣️ A happy Jar, if your friend feels low they can open the jar and be happy❣️ Image result for birthday gift ideas

5. 💎Reasons why I like you, its similar to the Happy Jar, this will be very interesting for your friends to see why you like them or to your girlfriend💎

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6. 💎Art Supplies, Good for people who love art.💎

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7.  💎Lollipops in a box, This idea is easy and such a fun way of saying ‘Your not that old’ that’s what it makes me think💎

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8. 💎A Bracelet are a great way to express your friendship between you and your best friend💎Phone cases, 💎depending on weather you want to DIY is your choice💎 Make sure you know what phone they have💎 In my opinion you should get both of these💎

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9. 💎Spa In A Jar 💎is a very relaxing idea for a friend you loves bath bombs or they work to hard and you think they deserve a rest💎 You could put inside bath salts, bath bombs, Bath Lotion, nail polish, nail polish remover etc.💎

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10. This is a jar filled with their favorite color eg if your friends favorite color is blue you could get her gum, blue bath scrub, Blue Lip Balms etc.

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11. Book markers maybe with a book. This is good for those people who love to read and are a little bit geeky. But make sure your friend hasn’t read the book before you give it to her.

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12. A personalized candle with their favorite sent.

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I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any ideas on what I should write next make sure to comment down below.




Forest Girl Story

A plane crashed into a forest and a child crawled from behind a tree. Wolves came and took the baby because they were scared that a bear might eat the child. They named the child Lilly. It was best for them to raise the child until it was old enough. They’re king is called James.
A few years passed…Lilly had become a kind girl who loved nature and animals. One day, Lilly was admiring the forest, when she heard people shouting. There was another human he had blue eyes tha shone in the sunlight and hair that glistened like glitter.
Lilly was behind a oak tree the human glanced quickly at her. At a blink of an eye, he had disappeared, Lilly was puzzled . The human grabbed her shoulders, as quick as a cheetah, making her jump.
The human walked back and asked “Whats your name?”
Lilly replied quickly “Lilly, Yours?”
Dan replied without hesitation “Dan”
Lilly walked peacefully back home.
When she arrived home, Ben asked “Where were you?”
“I was helping Dan,” replied Lilly.
“Dan?” Said Ben
“He’s a human.” Said Lilly.
The next day Dan went to the wise wolf whose name is Ben.
Ben said “She can’t stop talking about Dan.”
“It is wise that we test Dan to see if he’s strong enough to protect Lilly,” said James.
The next day, Ben told the wolves to fake attack Lilly. A pack of wolves charged, furiously for Lilly, that was when Dan jumped in front of her and grabbed a tree brunch, lighting it on fire he threw it at the wolves, terrified, they ran away.
“Thank you.” said Lilly
“No problem.” said Dan.
The wolves went to Ben and James and told them what had happened.
James said “Dan’s a good man.”
Ben said “Yes he is.”
Lilly came home that day and asked “A pack of wolves nearly killed me today. Do you know anything about this?”
Ben said “yes,it was a challenge for Dan.”
Lilly replied “What?”
Ben said “I gave him a challenge to prove if he was strong enough to protect you.”
Lilly “But I dont know if he likes me back though.”
The next day Ben set a trap near the tent, this will be the last test .

Lilly said “Hi.”
Dan was starting to like Lilly day by day but he didn’t know how to tell her that.

He looked up and saw the trap above her and shouted “WAIT DON’T MOVE!”
Dan said “Walk around.”
She did as Dan told her to and asked “Why?”
“It was a trap.” said Dan.
“I am so sorry my dad must have done this, he wants to know if you’re the right kind of guy for me.” Said Lilly
“Oh,” said Dan blushing.
“Come.” Said Lilly.
Lilly said “Did you give another challenge to Dan?”
Dan was surprised that Lilly’s parents were wolves.
“Are these your parents?” asked Dan curiously.
“Yes, they’ve raised me since I was little.” Replied Lilly.
“It’s nice to meet you…” Said Dan.
“Lilly I am so sorry.” said Ben.
“Alright but dont give anymore tests to Dan.” Said Lilly.
Lilly and Dan went for a walk, there were flowers everywhere and the sun was shining. Lilly saw that Dan was trying to say something but didn’t know how to say it.
Lilly asked “Are you okay?”
Dan said “Yeah, I don’t know how to say this but, I love you.”
Lilly in happiness “I love you too”
They hugged. Then Dan keeled down on the ground and out of his back pocket he got out a black box which inside held a diamond ring that glistened in the sunlight.
Dan with happiness in his eyes said “Will you be mine forever?”
Lilly with excitement said “Yes”
They hugged.
Lilly told her father what had happened.
“I am so happy for you.” Said her father.
They got married in a forest with flowers everywhere and the sun shining at them. It was a beautiful day.