How to make a scone based pizza?


  • 150g of Self rising flour

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  • 50g of butter or margarine

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  • 75ml of semi-skimmed milk

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  • toppings e.g pepperoni, ham, cheese, bacon…

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  • passata sauce but i think any sauce would work…

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  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 or to 200.

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2. Get a bowl and add the flour and the butter (or margarine) rub it in with the flour until the flour sticks with the butter (you can use your hand to do this)

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3. Add the milk little by little, until it sticks to its self, it will start to form a dough. 

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4. Put some flour on the surface and roll out your dough.

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    5. When you have rolled out your dough spread the sauce everywhere and add in the toppings you want.

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   6. Put it in the oven and wait for 10-15 miuites but keep an eye on it.

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I tried this pizza for my final dish for school and it tasted amazing i hope you guys enjoy it!




I’ve got some bad news…I wont be blogging until ages (and i mean ages probably for a couple of years) because i’m going to a different country and moving school mostly because of my education and the Wi-Fi is really bad where i will be going to.

I’ll try and schedule some posts so that it keeps the blog moving.

I’ll be leaving in May and starting school in June which gives us some time to settle in and get everything sorted.

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Things I want to do when I’m older…

I had this thought on the car, i usually think a lot, and this idea came to me as a blog post. I am only 12 years old and i hope i can do something for the people, the environment, and in general this planet.

  1. I would give to charity, because i want to give to those who cant look after each other and are weak, so i want to help them.

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2. Putting any litter i/you see on the floor, keeping this planet clean and healthy, it will make a difference that whenever you see liter, instead of waiting for the cleaners to pick it up, you can do it.

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3. I want to buy my own house and to make sure it has 3 or 4 bedrooms because everyone needs a house when your older, right?

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4.I would help the people in Africa.

Image result for help the people in africaImage result for giving money to the poorImage result for giving money to the poor

5. I want to save peoples lives, i know i’ll be able to do this because i am hoping to be a doctor one day.

Image result for hopingImage result for hopingImage result for hoping

6. Run for Charity, i always loved to run but i would love to do it for charity.

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7. Get a Job, we all need a job so we can look after our family and earn some money.

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I hope i can achieve all of this…