Are we Friends?

It was just the three of us and then ‘someone’ came and took you away from us, you’ve changed, but that’s okay I’ve changed a lot since year 7. We don’t talk anymore like we used to do before she took you away from us.

The conversation:

Me: We think that She’s been taking you away from us, whenever she’s gone you always seem to come to us, is it going to be us or her…be truthful as you can…

‘Fox lover’: I don’t really know.

*Picks Up The Pace*

There was a group of girls in front of us ‘she’ was in the group, ‘Fox Lover’ goes and joins them.

We didn’t talk at all in Geography, we always talk and have a bit of a laugh, but today is different. Questions swarm around my head like bee’s. Are we still friends? Are we still going to talk?

At the end of the lesson I wait for ‘Brunette’ still watching as foxy passes with ‘her’

She has changed….

I was going to burst in tears in PE, but i have learnt how to keep my feelings inside, because of my past experience with my other friends. This is the reason sometimes i wish i was a boy, girls have so much drama that i don’t even understand and boys can just shake it off or forget about it.

I always have played with the boys when i went to school in India. That was the best few years off my life and then i met my 2 Asian friends from primary school, who are still friends with me today, we never broke up it was usually A and D who usually broke up, but in the end of the day we forget about it and become even closer than we were at the beginning.

This is a bit random but most of the words I have used are from songs:

  • ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmoker
  • ‘We don’t talk any more’ by Charlie Puth




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