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On Thursday 15th of June 2017 It was a hot day and when its a hot day me and my friends always sit outside near a hill. Elouisa had to go to an orthodontics appointment in the afternoon. She got up and started walking to the reception when she was out of sight is when Abbie came over to me and Aliesha and asked where she went.

I told her that she had to go to a dentist appointment (orthodontics is basically the same thing as what a dentist does to our teeth anyways back to the story…)

Abbie: you know when you guys had an argument?

Me and Aliesha in unison: Yeah…

Abbie: Well Elouisa came to our group of friends and started talking about you…

Me: what did she say?

Abbie: She said the only reason why I’m friends with  Maria is because she has no friends.

*WOAH WOAH hold on a minute I have plenty of friends they are just not in my class and honestly I don’t know whether to believe her or not, Aliesha doesn’t like Abbie because she spreaded rumours about Aliesha…*

Me: I have lots of friends…

Abbie: yeah i know

Me: she could have been friends with me in year 7.

Aliesha: Same.

Abbie: We think you guys feel left out and Elouisa’s a bit controlling.

Aliesha: Yeah

*Elouisa was always with Erin and i think only Erin knows what she’s been telling about us to Erin*

*Abbie starts to walk away…*

Aliesha: I don’t know whether I want to be her friend.

Me: well, it was your choice on whether you should be friends with her or not.

Aliesha: Yeah I know as soon as i sent that text i regretted it, my mum said to give her a second chance.

Me: you could have told me what you were going to do/say.

Aliesha: yeah.

We both start walking to our next lesson which happens to be English and who doesn’t like English!

Wish us luck for tomorrow!



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