Sports Day-Year 8-2017!

Image result for sports dayIt’s that time of year when you guys get all sporty and ready for sports day because, who doesn’t like sports day…?

I got changed into my PE kit and started walking to school, hoping that all the ‘training’ I’ve put into running will make me run faster. Anyways, back to the story I arrived in my form room realising I was early so I went outside to see some of the boys playing football and some of the girls ‘gossiping’ I think I’ve already told you that I don’t get girls sometimes, all they do I try to look pretty and put on some make-up, there’s me who just comes to school naturally…while the boys don’t care what they look like they just come into school mess about have some fun and make the class laugh.

We went to the drama studio, there were loads of ‘Darwin’ people sitting on the bench watching a video about success by ‘Muhammad Ali’ A man came and stood on one of the steps and started shouting saying ‘we’ll get back what’s rightfully ours’ and ‘Are you ready?’ I shook my head I wasn’t ready and I’m scared I might let my team down. We got handed light blue bibs which represented Darwin, Red represents Brunel and dark blue represents Cavell. All of a sudden there were loud bang sounds, it sounded like lightning but don’t worry it were only drums. All the other houses didn’t have drums…

They told us to follow the sound of the drums also there were a few large speakers. We got into our areas there was Brunel on the far right then in the middle was Cavell and at the end was Darwin. it was good that we were at the end since then we can see who arrived in the finished line first and also we get to get to the starting places for relay and some other races. On the first race Darwin came first, then Cavell and last but not least Brunel. There were more races but I can’t remember who won but Cavell and Darwin were mainly the ones who won the most in year 7 and 8.

After Lunch me and Abbie went to the foot, our next activity was football. The first match was against Cavell and Brunel, there weren’t many people doing football for Cavell so some people from Darwin played for Cavell and the other Darwin people didn’t like that because they thought she was helping Cavell win. Chelsea said that if Aimee kicked the ball once then she wouldn’t be friends with Aimee. Next was our match against Cavell, we all kicked the ball and we scored once but overall Darwin didn’t win this match. The next match was against Darwin and Brunel and this was where everything turned upside down and I was left playing with other Cavell people because some of the girls have gone to A Block or C Block. No words could describe my emotions right now.  For this event, the Darwin girls lost football.

Everyone who were playing football went to the field, KS3 were still doing their activities so me and Danica sat on grass and talked she told me she was sad and unhappy. When all the sport activities were done we went to the front of the field to face the speakers, sitting in our houses, hearts pounding, sweat dripping, time stopped for a moment we all held our breaths…

Overall in year 7 Cavell won…

Overall in year 8 Darwin won…

Overall in year 9 Cavell won…

Overall in year 10 Brunel won…

I had lost hope, knowing we won’t win this year made me angry, as Darwin is the biggest house.

In third place it was…. Brunel, all the Brunel people chucked their red bibs in the air it was as if blood covered the sky…They were celebrating their lose.

In second place it was…Darwin, we all chucked our bibs in the air at the same time and light blue lit up the sky just like last year.

In first place it was…Cavell, they all chucked their bibs in celebration for they have won what was meant to ours. The trophy.




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