Birthday Party Ideas! (Boys and Girls)

You are probably scrolling down google trying to think of some ideas to celebrate your birthday, or your a parent trying to think of some ideas on celebrating her/his birthday, well your in the right place getting some inspiration for their Birthday party…Carry on Reading to find out.

My Birthday is in a few days so i thought this is relevant right now (wish me Happy Birthday on July 31)

Since i’m gonna be 13 i want my birthday to be special since i’m going to be a teen, but i don’t want a massive party since that will mean i’ll have to entertain all of them at the same time, and that’s too much effort.

I was scrolling down Pintrest, like we all do, for ideas for my birthday party and it took me a while to find the right one that i thought that all my friends might enjoy doing… Here are some of the ideas i got from Pintrest and other websites and a few of my own…Enjoy!

  1. Blind Folded Make-up Challenge...I have done this with my friend and I couldn’t control myself from laughing, I’m sure you guys will enjoy this activity.Image result for blindfolded makeup
  2. Truth Or Dare-A classic and common thing to do but it allows you to get to know their deepest fears and secrets.                                         Image result for truth or dare
  3. Do some Challenges e.g Bean boozled ChallengeImage result for bean boozled
  4. Bake cupcakes or a cake with your friends and then decorate it.Related image
  5. Have a sleepover invite all your friends, have a spa day, paint your nails, do each others make-up, have a movie night etc.Image result for 13 year old sleepover party ideas
  6. Do some activities outside e.g twister with shaving cream, adding twists to games.Image result for birthday party ideas for 13 year old
  7. Watch a movie and order PIZZZZAAAAAAAA!Image result for PIZZA and movie
  8. Make your own pizza-Simple and easy. Bake a pizza with your friends with all the toppings you like and have fun.Image result for bake your own pizza
  9. Go Shopping –  Simple and easy!!!Image result for shopping

Now for boys Birthday party ideas:

  1. Ideas for cakesImage result for birthday party ideas for boys
  2. Nerf Gun knock out-Invite all your friends and let them hide while you go find them and shoot, last person who hasn’t been hit wins, preferably do this outside.My Ry-guy turned 8 this week!  At our new school, they have a Spirit Rock that you can have painted for your birthday.  We went the ...
  3. ‘Ahoy Me Hearties’ For little ones who love pirates and ships this one is for them, build a steady ramp with wood and place light blue sheets on the outside.PIRATE PARTY Walk the Plank
  4. Scavenger Hunt-Hide key objects e.g fake money, draw a quick map and find the buried treasure.Related image
  5. Bubbles: Let the children run outside blowing bubbles and popping them.Superhero bubble swords: kids superhero party bag alternative, superhero party favours – Snip Snap Snout
  6. Invite your friends and class mates to a hall and put some music on and rock out, include food in the corner, games e.g musical statues (your never too old to play games) and, much, much more.Image result for dancing in birthday party
  7. Water balloon fight.  Great fun and allows the kids to move about and enjoy themselves. (Girls can also do this if they wish)Image result for water balloon fight
  8. Star war themed party, you may include star wars battles, star war cupcakes etc.13th Birthday Party Ideas For Theme Options Mestudio Com

Enjoy Your Birthday, It only comes once a year!!!




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