My 13th Birthday!


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July 31st 2017

Today I woke up and looked in the mirror and saw my hair was curly, I’ve never have seen my hair that curly and I liked it. I went down stairs and sat around the table with Abel (my annoying little brother) I think he was jealous because it’s my birthday, I started laughing, its hilarious when your younger sibling is jealous of you.

My mum asked me to put the clothes out, my mum helped me. Blades spinning in circles, ripping through the sky like an eagle, the noise grew louder and louder it was right above our heads it was so close (I am not over exaggerating, its true, the tallest man could probably reach it)

I helped my mum to tidy the house since my friends are going to come. Then I went to Pound land to buy some balloons and birthday things, with my dad. Then we went to Select to buy myself a T-shirt that I could wear to the ‘party’ (the reason why I put the word party in quotation marks is because it’s not really a party it’s just my friends coming over having fun)

Then I went home I had a bath and put on the birthday clothes and did my hair, no I did not put any make-up on, I am a natural person *Laughing noises*

We went to town and bought: pizza, books, sweets, drinks and other food. We arrived home and waited for the guests to arrive. 1:22pm Elousia arrived, through the back door I ran upstairs I wash my face and opened the door.

We went upstairs and talked, that was when she said she needed to tell me something important ‘I might be moving school’ I couldn’t believe my ears, even though I only knew her for 2 years going to be 3, I hate it when the friendship group breaks up, but it will have to happen one day, I hate goodbyes, its sad you don’t know what they’re thinking 0END.0.

2:00 pm-We talked and talked, the door bell rang, I ran downstairs to answer the door, it was Danica. We went upstairs and talked even more. That was when I got a DM saying that Aliesha couldn’t make it because of family issues. Alyssa said she was going to be late since she went to hitchin (Lavender farms and flowers).

2:37 pm- The door bell rang again, I expected it to be Alyssa but it was Antony, asking if we were going to ‘trust in God’. I went upstairs, and saw Elouisa and Danica were spying, listening to my conversations between me and Antony. I started laughing.

2:45 pm The door bell rang, it was Alyssa. We went upstairs and talked (we sure did a lot of talking) then I said we should do the ‘blind folded make-up challenge’ Alyssa did it to Danica, and it was so funny, me and Elouisa got videos of it and sent it to Snapchat and Instagram.

3:00 pm We went downstairs to cut the cake, when I blew the candles and Abel blew some as well *Cry* Then we went to the sofa we all sat on the same sofa even though it was meant to be for 3 people and there were 4 people, we watched a movie and ate pizza, chips, chicken and my birthday cake.

3:40 pm We all went upstairs and finished of the blind folded make-up challenge, I took so many videos and pictures and some I sent to Snapchat and Instagram. The door bell rang again, I wondered who it was we weren’t expecting anymore guests. I went downstairs, and answered the door, it was Nimin, her sister and her mum. They gave me a present and had a golden star, helium balloon attached to it. They said ‘Happy Birthday!’

I said I’ll be back in a minute because we were going to do the next activity which was ‘whisper challenge’ I got the idea from ‘YouTube Whisper Challenge.’ All you have to do is put on some headphones and listen to some loud music while the other person has to ask you something. This was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself with this game.

4:30 pm We decide we’ll play hide and seek because your never too old to play hide and seek, you’ll never get another chance like this and when your 18 years old you can’t play hide and seek so my motto is ‘Do Something Now Or Forever Regret It In The Future!’

‘KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK’ I looked out of the window and saw it was Elouisa’s Mum standing outside my house with her son. I opened the door and she went with her mother and her brother into the car. I had the time of my life and I wish to do something similar on my 14th Birthday!





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