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India, is where my life begins, even though I was born in the UK, my parents thought it would be good if I went to India because I didn’t eat much apart from milk, so that made me a very skinny child/baby.

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I went to India last year and I haven’t been to India in years. When I went to India it was so different to the UK.

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I loved the rush and bustle of the cities and the different smells near our houses (even though some smelled of chicken poo, cow poo, smoke and Indian food but all the smells mixed together brings back so many memories of India) and the sounds of car horns and bus horns and cows moooooo!

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I have learned so much about India and their culture, the sun shining all the time and waking up at 5 in the morning to go church, it sounds bad but it was easy to wake up in India because of the temperature.



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  1. Beautiful post. You can tell you loved the country.

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    1. Maria.x says:

      Thank you! What Country Do You Like?


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