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I was listening to Becky G’s song ‘Shower‘ which I remember I listen to in year 7 and it bought back so many memories about a guy, where do I start…

Year 7 was probably my least favourite year because that was when people talked behind my back and they thought that I couldn’t hear, they didn’t realise I’m not like other girls who make friends in a snap and spill all of my secrets, i’m careful. People used to whisper when I was around I used to think they were just gossiping and doing what normal girls do. It was so hard for me since my friends were smarter than me so their in higher class in me. I was alone.

But it’s not the first time I felt alone, I’ve felt left out before, I’ve even had suicidal thoughts, thinking that I’d be better if I was dead and I won’t do anything wrong.  People used to giggle at me even though I didn’t do anything or say anything, I was one of the quiet, shy girls. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t tell my best friends or even my family, so I wrote everything in a diary, which helped me because I thought I had no-one. I think I didn’t tell anyone was because I thought they’d judge me, I guess I was wrong, till this day no one knows about this. People were so racist in year 7 when a boy threw a ball of paper in the bin, he said that he’s a black person, because he said that black people are good in basketball, a different boy called a black lady ugly…(<<<<<But it’s all sorted out, they all apologised to me, one at a time.)

My crush in year 7 kept me going through life-like it was great, let’s name him John. John was one of those guys who make people laugh and get in trouble. I always thought about what my family would do without me, if I died.

It took me 1 year to know everyone in my class, what they like and what they did and who people liked. In year 8 I made 2 new best friends who taught me that boys aren’t everything. John went out with many girls and I discovered he was a ‘player’, I even changed myself for him saying that I like rugby even though I don’t. I couldn’t get him out of my head and I always stared at him in class. When I came close to my best friends, he was already out of my head and gone.

Things to remember/do if your being bullied:

  • ‘Instead of thinking about those who hate you, think about those who love you for being you.’
  • Tell your parents and don’t do what I did, they’ll help you.
  • Talk to your best friends and ask them for advice.
  • Don’t ignore it, tell someone about it so nothing dangerous happens.
  • Write a diary.
  • Don’t stay quiet, talk louder, actions are bigger than words.
  • Don’t let people change who you are.
  • Think before you do something you’ll regret.
  • Things will change if you meet the right person/people, they’ll help you through everything and keep your secrets safe.

Year 8 was the best year of my life, all the boys called me ‘legends’ and I made a few guy friends which are still my friends today, although we don’t talk much because we’re not in the same class as each other but memories are memories and I’ll treasure them in my heart. My friends and family changed my life, the girls in my class stopped talking behind my back because they saw that the boys were talking to me and people forget things, so every year is like a new life, it sounds cheesy I know but its true.

Things can change if you believe it will.




“If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them”


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