Life Hacks

19) 💖Summer Life Hacks!💖

💖Summer Is Here and Its Time To Have Some Fun!💖

💖Our Summer Holidays start soon and i can’t wait! Also i’m turning 12 this month and i cant wait for that either!💖

💖Life Hacks To Help You Survive The Summer!💖

1)💖Get a cup-cake case and your popsical/lolly-stick and its hard to explain but the picture is down.💖

2)💖Push up the Bottom For A Flat Surface And Then Roll The Top Of The Bag In-wards. (If That Made Any Sense) But Try and Understand It From The Picture From Below)💖

3)💖Get Your Can Of Coke and A straw. Then… Twist The Silver Bit Back A Little and Put The Straw Through The Hole💖

4)💖 When Your Traveling To Save Space Roll Your Clothes!💖

5) Get A Baking Tin And Put All Your Small Toppings/Sauce like Ketchup or Cheese and etc! Good When Your On a Picnic Or A Outdoor Party…

6)💖Get A Ziploc bag and put your phone in it, so when your in the pool you can use your phone in the water without getting your phone wet!💖

7)💖Put a tea bag in your shoe so that it doesn’t smell bad!💖


8) 💖Make a Sprinkler by getting a bottle and poking a couple of holes in the bottle and put a hose through it!💖 


9) 💖Get a Hanger and put all your sun glasses on it to save space!💖 


10)💖Put a Bucket of ice-cream in a Ziploc bag to keep it soft!💖

11)💖Put a straw through your cup-cake case to prevent flies and other insects💖

12)💖put all your valuable things in an empty sun cream container💖


Life Hacks

4) 16 Life Hacks

Hey, guys! Today I’m going to list 16 life hacks and hopefully, some that you haven’t heard before!

  1. Put the pancake mix in a ketchup container for an easier access also no mess.
  2. Almost finished with your jar of Nutella, end it with ice-cream.
  3. To remove the stem of a strawberry, use a straw.
  4. Put a stocking at the end of the vacuum so it’s easier to find little objects like earrings.
  5. Add one teaspoon of baking soda to a hard boiled egg, the shell will peel off effortlessly.
  6. Use a hair straightener to straight your collar.
  7. Roll your clothes when packing this will save space.
  8. To prevent the back of your phone getting scratched put a hair band/hair tie and put the phone on top.
  9. Drink cold water when you wake up it keeps you hydrated.
  10. Put a bar of soap in your draw of socks or clothes and this will allow it to smell like laundry.
  11. Put your mascara brush under hot water for 60 seconds this will clean the brush
  12. Making your bed in the morning this will allow you to get motivated.
  13. Add baby powder to your lashes then add mascara this will volumize your lashes.
  14.  If you burnt your tongue put sugar on it. It will not clear all the burning areas but only some.
  15. If your shirt is staticky use hair spray.
  16. If you brush your tongue your breath will smell better.