Sports Day-Year 8-2017!

It’s that time of year when you guys get all sporty and ready for sports day because, who doesn’t like sports day…?

I got changed into my PE kit and started walking to school, hoping that all the ‘training’ I’ve put into running will make me run faster. Anyways, back to the story I arrived in my form room realising I was early so I went outside to see some of the boys playing football and some of the girls ‘gossiping’ I think I’ve already told you that I don’t get girls sometimes, all they do I try to look pretty and put on some make-up, there’s me who just comes to school naturally…while the boys don’t care what they look like they just come into school mess about have some fun and make the class laugh.

We went to the drama studio, there were loads of ‘Darwin’ people sitting on the bench watching a video about success by ‘Muhammad Ali’ A man came and stood on one of the steps and started shouting saying ‘we’ll get back what’s rightfully ours’ and ‘Are you ready?’ I shook my head I wasn’t ready and I’m scared I might let my team down. We got handed light blue bibs which represented Darwin, Red represents Brunel and dark blue represents Cavell. All of a sudden there were loud bang sounds, it sounded like lightning but don’t worry it were only drums. All the other houses didn’t have drums…

They told us to follow the sound of the drums also there were a few large speakers. We got into our areas there was Brunel on the far right then in the middle was Cavell and at the end was Darwin. it was good that we were at the end since then we can see who arrived in the finished line first and also we get to get to the starting places for relay and some other races. On the first race Darwin came first, then Cavell and last but not least Brunel. There were more races but I can’t remember who won but Cavell and Darwin were mainly the ones who won the most in year 7 and 8.

After Lunch me and Abbie went to Rovers, our next activity was football. The first match was against Cavell and Brunel, there weren’t many people doing football for Cavell so some people from Darwin played for Cavell and the other Darwin people didn’t like that because they thought she was helping Cavell win. Chelsea said that if Aimee kicked the ball once then she wouldn’t be friends with Aimee. Next was our match against Cavell, we all kicked the ball and we scored once but overall Darwin didn’t win this match. The next match was against Darwin and Brunel and this was where everything turned upside down and I was left playing with other Cavell people because some of the girls have gone to A Block or C Block. No words could describe my emotions right now.  For this event, the Darwin girls lost football.

Everyone who were playing football went to the field, KS3 were still doing their activities so me and Danica sat on grass and talked she told me she was sad and unhappy. When all the sport activities were done we went to the front of the field to face the speakers, sitting in our houses, hearts pounding, sweat dripping, time stopped for a moment we all held our breaths…

Overall in year 7 Cavell won…

Overall in year 8 Darwin won…

Overall in year 9 Cavell won…

Overall in year 10 Brunel won…

I had lost hope, knowing we won’t win this year made me angry, as Darwin is the biggest house.

In third place it was…. Brunel, all the Brunel people chucked their red bibs in the air it was as if blood covered the sky…They were celebrating their lose.

In second place it was…Darwin, we all chucked our bibs in the air at the same time and light blue lit up the sky just like last year.

In first place it was…Cavell, they all chucked their bibs in celebration for they have won what was meant to ours. The trophy.




People are good story tellers! 1

On Thursday 15th of June 2017 It was a hot day and when its a hot day me and my friends always sit outside near a hill. Elouisa had to go to an orthodontics appointment in the afternoon. She got up and started walking to the reception when she was out of sight is when Abbie came over to me and Aliesha and asked where she went.

I told her that she had to go to a dentist appointment (orthodontics is basically the same thing as what a dentist does to our teeth anyways back to the story…)

Abbie: you know when you guys had an argument?

Me and Aliesha in unison: Yeah…

Abbie: Well Elouisa came to our group of friends and started talking about you…

Me: what did she say?

Abbie: She said the only reason why I’m friends with  Maria is because she has no friends.

*WOAH WOAH hold on a minute I have plenty of friends they are just not in my class and honestly I don’t know whether to believe her or not, Aliesha doesn’t like Abbie because she spreaded rumours about Aliesha…*

Me: I have lots of friends…

Abbie: yeah i know

Me: she could have been friends with me in year 7.

Aliesha: Same.

Abbie: We think you guys feel left out and Elouisa’s a bit controlling.

Aliesha: Yeah

*Elouisa was always with Erin and i think only Erin knows what she’s been telling about us to Erin*

*Abbie starts to walk away…*

Aliesha: I don’t know whether I want to be her friend.

Me: well, it was your choice on whether you should be friends with her or not.

Aliesha: Yeah I know as soon as i sent that text i regretted it, my mum said to give her a second chance.

Me: you could have told me what you were going to do/say.

Aliesha: yeah.

We both start walking to our next lesson which happens to be English and who doesn’t like English!

Wish us luck for tomorrow!



Are we Friends?

It was just the three of us and then ‘someone’ came and took you away from us, you’ve changed, but that’s okay I’ve changed a lot since year 7. We don’t talk anymore like we used to do before she took you away from us.

The conversation:

Me: We think that She’s been taking you away from us, whenever she’s gone you always seem to come to us, is it going to be us or her…be truthful as you can…

‘Fox lover’: I don’t really know.

*Picks Up The Pace*

There was a group of girls in front of us ‘she’ was in the group, ‘Fox Lover’ goes and joins them.

We didn’t talk at all in Geography, we always talk and have a bit of a laugh, but today is different. Questions swarm around my head like bee’s. Are we still friends? Are we still going to talk?

At the end of the lesson I wait for ‘Brunette’ still watching as foxy passes with ‘her’

She has changed….

I was going to burst in tears in PE, but i have learnt how to keep my feelings inside, because of my past experience with my other friends. This is the reason sometimes i wish i was a boy, girls have so much drama that i don’t even understand and boys can just shake it off or forget about it.

I always have played with the boys when i went to school in India. That was the best few years off my life and then i met my 2 Asian friends from primary school, who are still friends with me today, we never broke up it was usually A and D who usually broke up, but in the end of the day we forget about it and become even closer than we were at the beginning.

This is a bit random but most of the words I have used are from songs:

  • ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmoker
  • ‘We don’t talk any more’ by Charlie Puth



Life · School!

Ypres Trip 2017

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…

3rd of March 2017

Firstly I woke up at 5:00 am and had a bath, I also drank my tea. I said my prayers and left the house with my dad. We arrived in school at 6:00 am, there were loads of people there when I say people I mean year 8’s.  I saw my friends and went up to them and we realized we were going on the same coach, there were 2 coaches and the one we were going on was Coach 1. Alyssa was taking lots of pictures of us 3 but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to waste my battery since I didn’t have a portable charger.

The teacher stood near the door way of the coach asking for our names. I was sitting next to my friend Elouisa, we became friends quite recently. It was still dark outside and finally we left to go to our destination. We were quiet at first since we didn’t have anything to say and then she called Aliesha (our friend) and she said she was getting ready for school. I sent all my streaks on Snapchat this morning because the highest streak I have is 31 and I definitely don’t want to lose it. We left our school at 6:30 am.

On the way there one of the boy whose called Jude was sick on the bus so we got out of the bus so people could stretch their legs and go to the toilet. Me and Elouisa went wandering around the shops and we felt like we needed to go back and we saw people going out of the door and I thought ‘that was nice, they could have left us behind’ we quickly jumped on the bus and ate my breakfast. It took us like 2 or 3 hours and probably more to get to the boarders. The border between England and France, I think.

The teachers had our passports so we had nothing to worry about. After that we went inside ‘Le shuttle’ The pictures are down below obviously they are not the coaches we went on or the cars these are just the pictures I found on the internet.

Related imageRelated image

They said you weren’t allowed flash photography but I accidentally used flash photography because I didn’t realize so. The reason was because it would set the fire alarm but when I did it didn’t set the fire alarm. If you don’t know what a shuttle is, it is when we go under the sea but we can’t see the sea through the glass, hopefully that made sense. Anyway we went inside the coach after like 45 minutes. After that we went through France to get to Germany. I never knew that the France drove on the left side of the cars while we drove on the right side of the cars. Like people always says ‘you learn something new everyday.’

On the way to our destination our tour guide gave us some weapons to look at, there were guns, grenades and other weapons. We finally reached our destination, there was a small cat outside the coach and people were surrounding the cat and stroking it. it was so small and cute. We passed the cat and went to the cemetery and saw loads of graves some of the graves were British, American, French and Chinese. The only women who died and was buried here because not many women died in the war.

We went to see where the Germans had died and our tour guide said that 20 people were under the stone and altogether there were 40 thousand, they also  had to buy the land so they could burry the German soldiers. We also stood where Hitler and his soldiers were standing. We also went to a museum and saw what the soldiers had to wear and what the trenches were like for them, there were other schools there too. A boy got lost and the teachers had to go and look for them. But don’t worry they found him in the end.

We ate our lunch and went to different graveyards. After that we went into a restaurant and ate a piece of chicken and some chips, the only hot meal they provided for us. We also had some ice-cream and that was our lunch finished. Then we walked to the chocolate shop, and many people only came to buy some chocolate. I don’t blame them. there was a man inside the shop and he gave us a 10% discount. He told us if we buy a golden box and a chocolate bar and something else we could get a gift, the gift was marshmallows. He told us if we bought these things to go line up and so I did so after that I wanted to buy more chocolate but the teacher told me to stand outside…

We also went to a building in silence to remember the soldiers who fought in the war. This German lady was speaking German told us to step back so she could take some pictures but obviously we didn’t understand a word she was saying. The photos are down below…

Related imageImage result for ypres reef (<<<<The reef!<<<<)

One person from our school went down the middle to lay the reef (I think that’s how you spell it) Then it was a long journey back to England. Elouisa kept laughing making me laugh and the teachers said that a security guard and a dog will be coming inside the coach. The coach came through the middle of the coach sniffing everything it could. After that the teachers gave us our passports and we went outside so the people inside the building could see…

It was 1:00 am when we arrived to our school and I was so tired and my bones were aching I am so happy that I took pictures of me and my friends because I hardly have any pictures of me and my friends. Anyways i hope you guys have an amazing day and i’ll make a post tomorrow with all the pictures i took.


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A Good Change…

❤️Erin was still continuing to take Elouisa❤️ away from me❤️ and on the way to the canteen Aliesha asked me if I was okay ❤️and asked if I felt left out. ❤️I told her everything❤️ and she understood me❤️

💛She told me that she knew this was going to happen💛 and said that she knows what it feels like to be left out💛 I was sooo glad that she understood and saw that I was being left out💛 I’m glad to have an amazing friend like her💛

💚I went to find a table so we could all sit down💚 Elouisa came after a while since she needed to get something out of her locker💚 Aliesha told Elouisa what I said to her and Elouisa replied 💚’I tried to include you 💚but Erin was changing the subject’💚 I understood that very well 💚and i had a very warm feeling inside💚

💜We started to walk over to our next lesson which was DT. Erin was talking to Elouisa 💜and now I felt more confident to talk to her,💜 we walked down the corridor Elouisa and Erin in front 💜and me and Aliesha behind them💜 and mouthed ‘I told you.’💜

💜Inside I was smiling💜

❤️💛💚💙💜The lesson I learned today is if you feel left out talk to your friends about it and the best friends always understand!!❤️💛💚💙💜


❤️💛💚💙💜You can change the world for the better!!❤️💛💚💙💜

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❤️Feeling Left Out❤️

❤️Today is Monday, the most boringest day of the week.❤️ My friend Elouisa❤️ was talking to Erin in the morning❤️, and a flash back ❤️came through my head when yesterday, Nimin said❤️ ‘Isn’t so annoying when a person says something mean about another person and then the next day they act like friends’❤️

💛It was so weird.💛I didn’t take it personally,💛since they were talking about swimming 💛and since I couldn’t swim💛i gave up listening💛 to them.💛 Aliesha came a bit late today💛 After Lunch I felt like Elouisa and Aliesha 💛had ditched me and went with Erin💛 But I can’t feel like this because this is yet another experience 💛that i have felt so many times that I’ve lost count.💛

💚This blog is the only thing that I can be honest with myself💚 and not pretend to be someone who I am not💚 My primary school friends are the people who I trust the most💚 and I act very very weird around them💚

💚I hope tomorrow will be better and that it is just the three of us and that it stays like that!💚

😍Remember you are Beautiful!😍


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I have Changed…


🍉Ever since i’ve started year 8, 🍉i have changed a lot and i don’t like some of the change. 🍉For example,🍉 i’m actually caring about how i look 🍉and and turning into a girly girl 🍉but the good thing is i’m not wearing any make-up.🍉

💎I did have a crush on a boy but💎 now i got him out of my head and now 💎all i care about is learning and hoping to have a good job in the future.💎

✨Hard Work Always Pays Off.✨

💪I’ve also been soooo lazy to do things at the end of 2016💪 and i felt like i couldn’t achieve anything💪 that was why i haven’t been posting as much last month💪 but this month is going to be different💪 i’ll be posting more and i hope you guys will enjoy💪

❤️If you guys have any ideas 🎁on what i should write about please comment👇


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School Trip To EDF Pretty Curious Studio

8EDF Pretty Curious Studio-17th of November 2016

As I reached school I remembered I forgot to bring the phone for the trip. Nearly all the girls from my class was going

We registered in the drama studio with the other girls in my class. Most of the girls left us when we were writing our names on the register. We ran to the bus and got on, we were really early so we could sit around and talk.

I sat next to Samantha on the red coach. Finally we were on our way to Ipswich (Trinity Park) On the way there I started to get so bored and hot at the same time. I was quite sad that I didn’t sit next to my friends, I bet it would be sooo much more fun since they always make me laugh of their silly jokes.

When we reached Burry Me and Samantha played Hangman on my notebook. We finally reached Trinity Park and there was a water fountain it looked fantastic. After that, we went inside a big white tent what looked like a big fluffy marshmallow.

We were each given a name tag with our names on it. We all sat in teams, I was with Beau, Erin, Eve and Grace.First we went over to a lady who talked about gadgets. There was a ring in which would vibrate when you get a notification on your phone or if someone is calling it would vibrate.

There was also a friendship bracelet that would light up when your close to your friend who is also wearing the bracelet (if that made any sense) It seemed so cool and i wanted three of them one for Alyssa and the other one for Danica but they aren’t out yet.

After that, we made circuits as a group and we made a fan spin and made a light bulb on. There was also a competition where you had to build a circuit that would help people in their lives. We made something for blind people, so when the blind people cross the road they hold on to this pole which spins when there’s a car on the Zebra Crossing so the Blind People know that they shouldn’t cross.

I knew we where going to loose because our group wasn’t co-operating which made it hard to make the things we want to make. Erin was mostly the one who was upset but i understand her, when people don’t listen to you or tell you what they are going to build it can get a little annoying. We went to another lady where one person put on some goggles and they see things through it.

Samantha was the one who in our group had the goggles on, she had to pick up objects on the floor and make a pressure thing, we had to shout out what it looked like and where it goes. I tried on the goggles and they looked sooooo cool and wanted one.

Image result for EDF pretty curious studio The Picture Is Not Me

The girls in my group were taking pictures of themselves and posting them on Snap chatImage result for snapchat  Don’t have Snapchat but going to make an account soon.

Our project fell apart and we had to build it again and the judges were having a look and we did badly in my opinion. Let’s hope for the best. Positive Thoughts.

The winners are being announced and what a surprise we didn’t win but 1 group from our school did win and rest were from other schools. I really wanted the key rings that were given to the winners. I mean we should have all got something to take home with us as a memory.

We got on the coach and i was sooo hungry so i ate my 2 sausage rolls and crisps. On the way back home we sang songs which was fun and 4 people needed to go toilet and most of the girls were moaning that we had to stop just for 4 people to go to the toilet.

We finally reached School and i saw my mum and a little blue snowman which appeared to be my brother. We walked home but we saw my dad, me and Abel jumped in the car and went home.



The Play (GRAHAM)

15th of November 2016

Graham- As we line up outside the Drama Studio waiting in the cold for the teachers to call us in. We finally enter the Drama Studio all the year 8’s were there and sitting in rows. My friends Alyssa and Danica sat in front, so they had front row seats.

While I had to sit at the back and next to Willow.

At the beginning i was a bit confused of what was the story but i soon learned that Graham was almost blind when he was born and he had to have both his eyes taken out because he had tumor in both of them.

His family were upset by the news wondering what could happen next on his life, Will he have a wife? Will he make friends? He also has a sister and his sister got jealous because of all the attention he was getting.

One day, his uncle was reading a worlds record book and this was a huge turning point for Graham. He wanted his name on the book. He ran and was close to his goal which was less than 10 seconds but not close to beat the worlds record.

Soon he had a girlfriend, they know each other by school and one day Graham went to her house to ask her out and she said yes.

I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, i think you guys should do research to find out more.

Just warning you there was a scene when a dog… was pretty disgusting everyone was laughing at the top of their lungs.


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😭My school life so far😭

Image result for school life

14th of November 2016

😻I hate Mondays because we have double art meaning 100 minutes of boring art.😻 I love art but i don’t like the topic we are doing at the moment.😻 We’ve changed where we sit in form time😻 now i sit next to Willow😻

😻Charlotte isn’t happy where she sits she sits on my table😻 so i think it might be because of me or Willow😻 My two friends Aliesha and Elouisa and Charlotte have a code so someone is ‘b’ they haven’t told me who it is😻 so i’m wondering if it is me😻

😻I used to be a girl who loved to go to school and who loved to do things other girls like😻 now i don’t like school and hate some people in my class😻 Because i’m a catholic i’ve just sinned for having hatred in my heart😻

😻Soon i have to go and confess to the priest😻 I wish i was a little prettier and i’ve never wished for anything like this before which means i am changing a lot soon i might turn into a girly girl and put on make-up😻 BLEEUUUR😻 Sorry!

😻I’ve got a question for you-

❤️💛💚💙💜Do friends say mean things about you?❤️💛💚💙💜

❤️💛💚💙💜 What should you do about it?❤️💛💚💙💜

😻I wish my friends where in my class😻 Then ill actually enjoy life and coming to school😻

😻Wish me luck for tomorrow😻 I’m going to do a little trick i’m going to be the last ones getting out of the classroom 😻if they wait for my then they are my friends if they don’t then they are ditchers and i need to go find better friends😻

❤️💛💚💙💜Can’t wait for school tomorrow❤️💛💚💙💜