Terrorist attack in Manchester?

💙First of all this is a summary from the news and I thought it would be an interesting post to write about.💙

On the 22nd of May 2017 Manchester had a terrorist attack and 22 people died this included young children/teenagers and an eight year old girl. This happened after an Ariana Grande concert, when people were exiting the building/concert. There are still people missing from the concert and we don’t know if when the bomb went off that the bodies may have been deformed with the other bodies and the ‘investigators’ couldn’t identify the body.

This devastating event as a big impact on the young teens in England, as they have gotten used to hearing about terrorist attacks in the news, I too am a 12-year-old girl who hears about these devastating deaths throughout these years. The young teens/children may feel unsafe about the terrorist attacks and advises the parents to talk about the terrorist attack, to make them feel safe again.

💕I found these pictures on google images.💕

Image result for manchester bombing before and after 2017Related image

Image result for manchester bombing before and after

Image result for manchester bombing before and after

Image result for manchester bombing before and after





Are we Friends?

It was just the three of us and then ‘someone’ came and took you away from us, you’ve changed, but that’s okay I’ve changed a lot since year 7. We don’t talk anymore like we used to do before she took you away from us.

The conversation:

Me: We think that She’s been taking you away from us, whenever she’s gone you always seem to come to us, is it going to be us or her…be truthful as you can…

‘Fox lover’: I don’t really know.

*Picks Up The Pace*

There was a group of girls in front of us ‘she’ was in the group, ‘Fox Lover’ goes and joins them.

We didn’t talk at all in Geography, we always talk and have a bit of a laugh, but today is different. Questions swarm around my head like bee’s. Are we still friends? Are we still going to talk?

At the end of the lesson I wait for ‘Brunette’ still watching as foxy passes with ‘her’

She has changed….

I was going to burst in tears in PE, but i have learnt how to keep my feelings inside, because of my past experience with my other friends. This is the reason sometimes i wish i was a boy, girls have so much drama that i don’t even understand and boys can just shake it off or forget about it.

I always have played with the boys when i went to school in India. That was the best few years off my life and then i met my 2 Asian friends from primary school, who are still friends with me today, we never broke up it was usually A and D who usually broke up, but in the end of the day we forget about it and become even closer than we were at the beginning.

This is a bit random but most of the words I have used are from songs:

  • ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmoker
  • ‘We don’t talk any more’ by Charlie Puth




Good Bye…Angel…


I’m going to miss you so much Angel😭 I hope everything turns out okayx😭 remember to keep in touch😞 I know everything will be okay😫 we have so much memories together, when you helped me in year 1xx😫 thank you so much for being there for me😣 I’m going to miss you so muchx😩 I’m going to miss you so much😭 thank you for being an amazing friendx😞we saw you leave today, i hugged you one last goodbye and waved until your car was out of sight.x😞 I know your going to miss all your friends because when i go i’ll be crying my eyes out.😭 Goodbye, time will fly when you come backx😞



How to make a scone based pizza?


  • 150g of Self rising flour

Image result for SELF RISING FLOUR

  • 50g of butter or margarine

Image result for margarine

  • 75ml of semi-skimmed milk

Image result for semi skimmed milk small

  • toppings e.g pepperoni, ham, cheese, bacon…

Image result for toppings on pizza

  • passata sauce but i think any sauce would work…

Image result for passata sauce

  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 or to 200.

Image result for preheat the oven to 200

2. Get a bowl and add the flour and the butter (or margarine) rub it in with the flour until the flour sticks with the butter (you can use your hand to do this)

Image result for rub the butter into the flour

3. Add the milk little by little, until it sticks to its self, it will start to form a dough. 

Image result for add the milk by little

4. Put some flour on the surface and roll out your dough.

Image result for roll the dough out

    5. When you have rolled out your dough spread the sauce everywhere and add in the toppings you want.

Related imageImage result for add the passata sauceto the pizza

   6. Put it in the oven and wait for 10-15 miuites but keep an eye on it.

Image result for bake the pizza


I tried this pizza for my final dish for school and it tasted amazing i hope you guys enjoy it!




I’ve got some bad news…I wont be blogging until ages (and i mean ages probably for a couple of years) because i’m going to a different country and moving school mostly because of my education and the Wi-Fi is really bad where i will be going to.

I’ll try and schedule some posts so that it keeps the blog moving.

I’ll be leaving in May and starting school in June which gives us some time to settle in and get everything sorted.

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Things I want to do when I’m older…

I had this thought on the car, i usually think a lot, and this idea came to me as a blog post. I am only 12 years old and i hope i can do something for the people, the environment, and in general this planet.

  1. I would give to charity, because i want to give to those who cant look after each other and are weak, so i want to help them.

Related imageImage result for giving into charity

2. Putting any litter i/you see on the floor, keeping this planet clean and healthy, it will make a difference that whenever you see liter, instead of waiting for the cleaners to pick it up, you can do it.

Image result for putting litter in the binImage result for putting litter in the binImage result for putting litter in the bin

3. I want to buy my own house and to make sure it has 3 or 4 bedrooms because everyone needs a house when your older, right?

Image result for buy a houseImage result for buy a house meme

4.I would help the people in Africa.

Image result for help the people in africaImage result for giving money to the poorImage result for giving money to the poor

5. I want to save peoples lives, i know i’ll be able to do this because i am hoping to be a doctor one day.

Image result for hopingImage result for hopingImage result for hoping

6. Run for Charity, i always loved to run but i would love to do it for charity.

Image result for running for charityImage result for running for charity

7. Get a Job, we all need a job so we can look after our family and earn some money.

Image result for get a job memeImage result for get a job memeImage result for get a job meme

I hope i can achieve all of this…



My Rollacoaster Of Emotions


❣️Recently I’ve had the weirdest emotions, sometimes I would be happy, sometimes sad and sometimes angry.❣️

💖I’ve been happy lately because I’ve made some amazing friends who are unique and are weird like me and it is just us 3 together. I think I’ve grown a lot stronger and I know them a lot better and I wished I had been friends with them in year 7. They’re a lot different to my other friends there a lot more…I don’t know the word to describe them but they have something unique to share.💖

💙We’re not living in a fairy tale so theirs always the negative sides to things.💙

🍉I’ve been sad because I’m going to go somewhere and stay there for 3 years (this might mean I wont be blogging that much or that I wont be blogging at all) and going to a different school, I’ll miss my friends but I also wont miss those people who’ve talked behind my back, laughing at me or being racist. I’ll miss my friends the most and I also respect the decisions my parents had made for me, they only want the good for me.🍉

💕(Parents – Children are their first priority) 💕

🌸I’ve been angry (inside) at some people who’ve made my friends upset or talk behind them.  I’ve been angry at my brother, when he doesn’t do what I say (It’s so annoying, if you have a little sibling you know how it feels)🌸

✨Put a smile on that face!✨



A Year Already?


A year passes quickly when your blogging. I can’t believe its been a year since I’ve been blogging and so far I loved itxxx.

I cant wait to do more posts in the future, ill mostly be writing on what happens in school because there has been some beef, when I say beef I mean drama, it’s just another teen slang thing.

Hopefully ill never stop blogging and having so much fun doing it.

If you have any suggestions on what i should write about make sure to comment them, because everyone’s opinion is counted here.

Carry On Bloggingxxx


Life · School!

Ypres Trip 2017

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…

3rd of March 2017

Firstly I woke up at 5:00 am and had a bath, I also drank my tea. I said my prayers and left the house with my dad. We arrived in school at 6:00 am, there were loads of people there when I say people I mean year 8’s.  I saw my friends and went up to them and we realized we were going on the same coach, there were 2 coaches and the one we were going on was Coach 1. Alyssa was taking lots of pictures of us 3 but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to waste my battery since I didn’t have a portable charger.

The teacher stood near the door way of the coach asking for our names. I was sitting next to my friend Elouisa, we became friends quite recently. It was still dark outside and finally we left to go to our destination. We were quiet at first since we didn’t have anything to say and then she called Aliesha (our friend) and she said she was getting ready for school. I sent all my streaks on Snapchat this morning because the highest streak I have is 31 and I definitely don’t want to lose it. We left our school at 6:30 am.

On the way there one of the boy whose called Jude was sick on the bus so we got out of the bus so people could stretch their legs and go to the toilet. Me and Elouisa went wandering around the shops and we felt like we needed to go back and we saw people going out of the door and I thought ‘that was nice, they could have left us behind’ we quickly jumped on the bus and ate my breakfast. It took us like 2 or 3 hours and probably more to get to the boarders. The border between England and France, I think.

The teachers had our passports so we had nothing to worry about. After that we went inside ‘Le shuttle’ The pictures are down below obviously they are not the coaches we went on or the cars these are just the pictures I found on the internet.

Related imageRelated image

They said you weren’t allowed flash photography but I accidentally used flash photography because I didn’t realize so. The reason was because it would set the fire alarm but when I did it didn’t set the fire alarm. If you don’t know what a shuttle is, it is when we go under the sea but we can’t see the sea through the glass, hopefully that made sense. Anyway we went inside the coach after like 45 minutes. After that we went through France to get to Germany. I never knew that the France drove on the left side of the cars while we drove on the right side of the cars. Like people always says ‘you learn something new everyday.’

On the way to our destination our tour guide gave us some weapons to look at, there were guns, grenades and other weapons. We finally reached our destination, there was a small cat outside the coach and people were surrounding the cat and stroking it. it was so small and cute. We passed the cat and went to the cemetery and saw loads of graves some of the graves were British, American, French and Chinese. The only women who died and was buried here because not many women died in the war.

We went to see where the Germans had died and our tour guide said that 20 people were under the stone and altogether there were 40 thousand, they also  had to buy the land so they could burry the German soldiers. We also stood where Hitler and his soldiers were standing. We also went to a museum and saw what the soldiers had to wear and what the trenches were like for them, there were other schools there too. A boy got lost and the teachers had to go and look for them. But don’t worry they found him in the end.

We ate our lunch and went to different graveyards. After that we went into a restaurant and ate a piece of chicken and some chips, the only hot meal they provided for us. We also had some ice-cream and that was our lunch finished. Then we walked to the chocolate shop, and many people only came to buy some chocolate. I don’t blame them. there was a man inside the shop and he gave us a 10% discount. He told us if we buy a golden box and a chocolate bar and something else we could get a gift, the gift was marshmallows. He told us if we bought these things to go line up and so I did so after that I wanted to buy more chocolate but the teacher told me to stand outside…

We also went to a building in silence to remember the soldiers who fought in the war. This German lady was speaking German told us to step back so she could take some pictures but obviously we didn’t understand a word she was saying. The photos are down below…

Related imageImage result for ypres reef (<<<<The reef!<<<<)

One person from our school went down the middle to lay the reef (I think that’s how you spell it) Then it was a long journey back to England. Elouisa kept laughing making me laugh and the teachers said that a security guard and a dog will be coming inside the coach. The coach came through the middle of the coach sniffing everything it could. After that the teachers gave us our passports and we went outside so the people inside the building could see…

It was 1:00 am when we arrived to our school and I was so tired and my bones were aching I am so happy that I took pictures of me and my friends because I hardly have any pictures of me and my friends. Anyways i hope you guys have an amazing day and i’ll make a post tomorrow with all the pictures i took.



Things I Don’t Understand…

Image result for things i don't understand

1. 💎I don’t understand why people are so racist I mean we are all different and unique and you can’t judge someone by the color of their skin, I’m brown and i am proud to be different but it gets annoying when people are being racist right in front of me.💎

2. 💎I don’t understand why people judge each other by their looks or their eyebrows and I think that the person who looks in the mirror thinks and knows their beautiful, so make their dreams come true and compliment them.💎

3. 💎I don’t understand why people bully others because of their gender, its their choice if they want to be bisexual or transgender. They should be who they want to be so don’t bully them. In my school we are doing this thing where if you wear a rainbow shoe lace if means you support Gay people.💎

💎This world is changing before our eyes and our generation can make a difference if we put our minds towards it.💎